1050 Van Ness: The Opal Hotel

The owners of the five-story Opal Hotel at Van Ness and Geary are working on plans to raze the two-story “Motel Opal” addition, which sits behind the hotel along Geary, and build a 13-story tower on the Van Ness Corridor lot, a lot which is zoned for development up to 130-feet in height.

1055 Geary, Motel Opal Site

The draft plan for the tower to rise at 1055 Geary, directly across the street from CMPC’s future Medical Office Building, includes up to 120 new residential units (a mix of 48 studios and 72 one-bedrooms) over a common area ground floor which would be shared with the hotel and a subterranean garage with 42 parking spaces for the hotel and none for the new residences.

Plans to convert the existing 165-room hotel into an 87-unit residential building had been explored back in 2003 but were never acted upon.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in as the latest plans evolve.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by HappyinSF

    Condos or rental apartments?

    • Posted by Bobble

      Who cares just build it!

  2. Posted by San Francisco

    just build it already

    • Posted by Bobble

      Amen sister! Knock it down and build it! Build it tall build it wide just build it fast!!

  3. Posted by pvc

    Huge loss for the 60’s fuglism architectural heritage of the city.

  4. Posted by iknowsnow

    I’m sure Calvin Welch or Sue Hestor will protest this.

  5. Posted by L W Roberts

    We could all seek-out Calvin and Sue and hurl on them?!

    • Posted by iknowsnow

      Like an anti-NIMBY counter-protest twist on Chicken John?

  6. Posted by redseca2

    Soon the City will no longer be able to support motel rooms with a hot tub right in the motel room, set into the shag carpet. Such a loss to our cultural heritage.

  7. Posted by Bobby Mucho

    The headline had me worried for a second. I thought the owners were proposing razing the 5 story hotel. Glad to see the interest in the lot behind is bubbling up…

    It’s great to see all of these structures / lots down Van Ness getting a very needed makeover—and maybe with all of the new residential, commercial, and the BRT Van Ness can be something of a destination [again].

    • Posted by Mark

      Thumbs up for adding more housing and commercial space (aka, building up) along Van Ness, but BRT will not be a draw as it will shave only a couple minutes off the time to travel from Market to North Point. Van Ness needs a subway.

      • Posted by Sierrajeff

        Agreed. BRT is a sad and pointless waste of time and money.

        • Posted by anon

          Only because we’re unwilling to actually implement it correctly (ie make driving substantially worse)

  8. Posted by BobN

    Bummer for some folks across the alley.

  9. Posted by BobN

    When did the Afghan restaurant change into a Mexican place?

    Dang it.

  10. Posted by Sassy

    Hope the 5 story corner building gets some love too, especially from the ground floor with blue signage band.

  11. Posted by 4th gen SF'er

    Yes get rid of the ugly 70’s Motel Opal. The 5 story is gorgeous, probably needs to be updated inside though. The bottom of the 5 story looks like Opal is there, on the bottom which is weird.

  12. Posted by timbo

    Hopefully it doesn’t affect the DeAghanan kabob restaurant.

  13. Posted by Mae

    That place is so delicious…better go while it lasts.

  14. Posted by jrr1

    wait, there is a motel opal in the back of the hotel opal? I thought that was a garage in the back.

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