346 Potrero Site

The old Follow Charlie car wash at 346 Potrero Avenue has been shuttered and the permits which will allow Trumark Urban to start clearing the site and construct a modern nine-story building with 70 condos over 1,600 square feet of retail space and parking for 43 cars are close to being approved.

346 Potrero Rendering

The development will be sandwiched between the Shell station and McDonald’s at the intersection of 16th Street and Potrero.  And as designed by Handel Architects, the development includes 5,000 square feet of open space at the rear and roof of the 85-foot building which will overlook, and slightly shadow, Franklin Square.

346 Potrero Rendering - Rear

34 thoughts on “Potrero Car Wash Closed For Condos To Rise”
  1. What’s striking about this rendering is actually the amount of empty/parking lots and crap around the new condo — could build thousands of units of housing pretty easily in that picture

    1. One of those parking lots is part of Franklin Square Park. And the full block width slice between the park and this development is the SGI center. That leaves the gas station and McD to either side of this.
      There is a parking lot a couple blocks away on Florida that I think is planned for housing. Otherwise, this corner southwest of 101 has many 2-3 story buildings that could be replaced with housing. Maybe more of that as nearby showplace square fills up.

    1. It’s an industrial neighborhood. It’s prime PDA territory. What’s wrong with gas stations and mickey d’s? Anything short of Charles Phan for that block is an insult!

  2. Has a structural expressionism feel going. Interesting to see this design being used again since it was really popular in the 70s.

    1. You mean the one where birds crap on your car right when you finish washing it? Happened to me – inside the bay mind you.

      That car wash was disgusting. Vagrants crawling around, doing all sorts of illegal things in the back. Good riddance.

  3. It’d be great to see this intersection / area fill in a bit, and better connect Lower Potrero > the Mission. I can’t recall if the upcoming Potrero Ave upgrades are going to stretch all the way down here, but a planted median + trees + new sidwalks + fresh pavement would be amazing.

    1. Actually, the western views of the Castro, Upper Market, Twin Peaks, Corona Heights, and BV Park should be pretty nice!

    2. Downtown views out the front and Twin Peaks sunset views out the back. Bonus views of the soccer pitch to the west. Add in the sweetly toxic aroma of french fries and gasoline and what’s not to like?

    1. People who live inside a large condo building that will be almost entirely unaffected by a gas station next door?

  4. I agree. What is up with that building? They should look at what’s was built over at 16th and Bryant behind the Double Play. Its in a really un gracious location but works like a charm. This looks like some old motel on the lesser end of the Vegas strip that’s waiting to be torn down.

    1. you have to look on the bright side, which is the western side where the prevailing winds come from…they are building a wind shadow for the pedestrian schleps…more walls on windy hills, please.

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