126 Miraloma Entry

Designed by architect Henry Gutterson and meticulously kept, the 6,800-square-foot English Tudor at 126 Miraloma Drive has been owned by two families since 1928.  And with a list price of $4.25 million, the current custodians of the eight-bedroom home are looking for the third.

A grand staircase connects the four-level Monterey Heights home which overlooks St. Francis Wood.

And that’s not an unfinished attic, it’s a gym!

126 Miraloma Attic

13 thoughts on “Meticulously Kept In Monterey Heights”
  1. Looks lovely; they’ve done a nice job of staging and freshening up for sale. Baths and kitchens are in need of updating though, and after all that time in only two families hands, I’d be concerned about the age of various systems and what lies underneath the fresh paint. Hope the buyer does respectful updating to this beautiful older home.

  2. The floorplan is misogynistic. The “Ladies office” is small compared to the “Gentleman’s Study” which includes a fireplace too.

    A question for the grammar geeks out there: Shouldn’t it be “Lady’s office”? Or does the designation imply that more than one lady will occupy that office?

      1. There may be a number of women in the house but only one Lady. Monterey Heights is nicer than St. Francis Wood, IMO. A number of realtors told me SFW can get pretty damp (fog and shade from trees.)

        I vaguely recall that I am the fourth owner of my current residence built in 1935. I strived to make conservative improvements.

    1. It does not need anything except someone who wants to live in this nice real SF house. Well, it does need to have that modern crappy furniture removed, a few paint colors changed, some period-pattern wallpaper. But a rational person could live in it largely as is. I hope some flipper does not come in and “freshen” the wood and tear out the moldings.

        1. Yeah, not a fan of wallpaper at all. Fortunately, there are many things you can do with walls beyond painting. Nice fancy wood paneling with exquisite trim matching the coffered ceiling. Or go modern with upholstered fabric (wool, silk) paneling which double up as sound barrier.

  3. UPDATE: The asking price for the meticulously kept English Tudor at 126 Miraloma Drive has just been reduced $400,000 (9 percent), now asking $3,850,000.

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