Candlestick Park Demolition

The seats have been ripped from the stands, the hazardous materials have been cleared, and the major demolition of Candlestick Park is slated to commence next week, sans an implosion.

And within the next three months, the iconic stadium should be completely leveled in order to make way for Lennar’s big Candlestick Point plans to proceed.

Our gallery of images from the ‘Stick’s last days:

And a fitting final shot:

Candlestick Demo Seats

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EcceMorons

    “Well, my grandson, I tell you. There used to be this great football team called the San Francisco 49er’s. They played at this beat up old stadium and kicked the stuffing out of opponents. Ah, those were great days. You know this team as the Santa Clara 49er’s – whole different thing…..”

    • Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

      There are no “great football teams” in the US. Only in Europe and a few in South America.

  2. Posted by phantoms of football

    Jack Kemp was the first QB to throw a TD at Candlestick. He did it in the first pro game played there. It was against the Oakland Raiders in 1960. He was the QB of the Los Angeles Chargers. He threw 3 TDs and ran for 2 more. It was the best game of his pro career.

    Joe Montana never ran for 2 TDs in a pro game, so obviously Joe was no Jack Kemp.

  3. Posted by dotpocalypse now

    Jack Kemp, did he ever come out?

  4. Posted by Fishchum

    It’s a real statement about pro sports these days – there’s probably no end of fans who would gladly drive out and pick up a few of those seats for free, or even pay a couple of bucks. But as I understand it, you could ONLY buy a pair of chairs for about $750. They’d rather destroy the rest than give away some memorabilia to the fans who spent so much time at the ‘Stick.

  5. Posted by Hitman

    Nobody should forget that Eddie DeBartolo got a new stadium approved for Candlestick. It was the Yorks that canceled that deal and moved the 49ers south. Eddie D is a prince among men. The York’s are self serving douchebags like the gang of 4.

  6. Posted by Rillion

    An implosion would have been a more fitting tribute to the 49ers.

  7. Posted by moto mayhem

    anyone think there’s a chance of getting a new team in or near SF.? 2 hrs too far to travel for Santa Clara 49ers games. Not to mention Kaepernick is unwatchable

    • Posted by Hitman

      Yes. I have been a lifelong fan and season ticket holder since 1995. I dropped my tix this year because this is the Santa Clara 49ers not DeBartolo’s team. SF is a city that deserves its’ own team.

      • Posted by phantoms of football

        SF got outbid by SC. No one will ever build another football stadium in SF.

        • Posted by moto mayhem

          time to switch to raiders then. i like del rio, and it is much closer to SF. maybe we can even steal them away

          • Posted by Dr. O

            Seriously. I get that the South Bay has the money, but geographically, Candlestick Point was more central. Moving everything south is jacking my sh*t up.

  8. Posted by moto mayhem

    20 yrs living in the bay area and only 1 trip to santa clara ever. In fact, i didnt really know where it was.

    i went to a mid season niners game this year and it took me 2hrs 20minutes from my door to the stadium gate. will never do again

    • Posted by Mo

      Switching teams because the commute was too long is just silly, it’s true that the Raiders are closer but not for long , they will be in LA or San Antonio next year since Oakland doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. San Francisco had a chance to keep the team but they blew it with dreams of hosting the Olympics in a radioactive wasteland.

      • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

        Not sure which radioactive area you mean but none of them are a wasteland.

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