Hunter Pence's Houston Loft

Hunter Pence’s 2,318-square-foot loft is back on the market as a rental and available for $3,998 a month.  Pence was trying to sell the 8th floor condo with two bedrooms, two baths and two assigned parking spaces for $524,900 in 2012.

And in case you haven’t already connected the dots, the condo is in Houston where Pence made his Major League Baseball debut with the Astros before being traded to Philadelphia in 2011.  Pence hit his first home run as a Phillie against Madison Bumgarner and was traded to the San Francisco Giants in 2012.

A similar condo in San Francisco would likely trade for closer to $2 million and rent for upwards of $8K per month.

5 thoughts on “Rent Hunter Pence’s Loft For $4K Per Month”
  1. I’ve stepped into a strange Twilight-Zone crossover of Socketsite and Swamplot. Please excuse me while I regain my footing.

    1. This building has always been a conversation starter in Houston. It’s a Randall Davis project, “Renoir”, a strange combination of neo-Haussman exterior and loft interiors. No transit, but on the edge of River Oaks shopping center, a historic upscale auto-oriented retail center.

  2. You must click on the link.

    The building exterior is the best version of a building rendering by a 20 year old kid who has never been outside of southwest China for a computer game set during the French Revolution – ever.

    1. hahahaha … barf

      Stay klassy Houston. And thanks for making Santana Row not look so fake in comparison.

      1. I don’t know. There is stuff not much better here. It is pretty bad, but remember the lovely examples in San Mateo. Of, for that matter, some “retirement condos” on Van Ness (a couple of examples come to mind) are not exactly shining architecture.

        A combination of mediocre modern materials and modern designers’ total lack of comprehension of a sense of scale and proportion

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