650 Delancey Street #309 2015

Purchased for $965,000 in late 2008 with run of the mill floors and finishes and a sub-optimal use of its 1,410-square-foot space, the Oriental Warehouse loft #309 at 650 Delancey Street has been completely remodeled, with reclaimed Settlers’ Plank hardwood floors, new finishes, and a “reimagined” top floor with a den and newly enclosed bedroom.  A few of the before and after shots we compiled for the space:

650 Delancey Street #309 Living Before and After

650 Delancey Street #309 Kitchen Before and After

650 Delancey Street #309 Top Floor Before and After

650 Delancey Street #309 Bathroom Before and After

And with a deeded parking space in the garage, the Oriental Warehouse condo #309 is now back on the market and listed for $1,499,000.

The original Oriental Warehouse building was built by The Pacific Mail Steamship Company in 1867 for the importation of coffee, tea, rice and silk.  And while the historic facade remains, a completely new structure designed by Fisher Friedman was constructed within the brick envelope, inset by 15 feet, to transform the then derelict South Beach warehouse into 66 residential lofts in 1996.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by moses

    Love the wood finishes but looks like they filled up all the free space

  2. Posted by matteo

    jeez, all that wood looks like a big bonfire waiting to happen~ with that said…the bathroom looks great!

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      Funny. on first glance of the main photo I saw “Home Depot lumber department”.

  3. Posted by Emanon

    For $1.5 million I want a window in my bedroom (or for that matter, a real bedroom).

    • Posted by d-b

      It would be nice to look out at something other than a blank wall. That was the problem with many of these units.

  4. Posted by trademark

    I don’t normally like lofts, but love this one. But without the million dollar view, I would buy it for $500K.

    • Posted by [Lookie Lou]

      Well, your offer will be only $1,375,000 short.

  5. Posted by SF

    Yeah, staring at a brick wall out your window isn’t too appealing for $1.5M.

  6. Posted by sausalito_res

    Nice job on the interior. It’s great to see a recent remodel that doesn’t look like the Apple Store. Don’t have a problem with the loft bedroom but for that money, it would be nice to have a second bedroom. And a view.

  7. Posted by Sierrajeff

    I dunno, except for the bathroom, the “after” images seem more closed in and constrained than the “before” That library-ladder wall of books (which I’m sure no one ever uses) particularly takes up both physical and mental space.

  8. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Wait, the interior structural elements aren’t historic, they’re from a 1996 rebuild? And yet they still managed to do so in a way that led to all sorts of odd support pipes and instrusive angles? Fail.

  9. Posted by Lookie Lou

    Just saw it. Very nice job on the remodel! Photos make it look a lot more crowded than it really is.

  10. Posted by Gur

    That’s a lot of dusting for the housecleaners — dark stains + open shelves = lots of dust. Great for a book lover, not so great if you want storage. The finishes are generally an upgrade, though I do believe they’ve emphasized the long and narrow nature of the unit (including a one sided dining table).

  11. Posted by [Lookie Lou]

    If you can afford this place you can afford to have it cleaned.

  12. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The sale of 650 Delancey Street #309 has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,875,000 ($1,330 per square foot).

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