A new grocery store dubbed “Gus’s Community Market” is angling to take over the ground floor of the industrial building at 400 Alabama Street in the Mission, with entrances on Alabama and Harrison at Seventeenth.

Gus's Market Rendering

As proposed, the 10,000 square-foot market “and accessory restaurant” would be roughly half the size of a smallish Whole Foods, and twenty (20) of the building’s existing off-street parking spaces would be dedicated to the store.

Currently zoned for Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR) rather retailing, San Francisco’s Planning Commission will need to approve a requested change in use for the grocery to open, the hearing for which has been scheduled for January 15.

UPDATE: It’s the family behind Haight Street Market and Noriega Produce that are angling to open Gus’s, with plans for the new market to be similar to the other two and a true neighborhood serving grocery store.

23 thoughts on “New Mission District Grocery Store In The Works”
      1. I don’t grok why he would be in the way of anyone wanting to address the dearth of quality markets in the Inner Richmond. Anyway, someone will I hope finally realize there is a desert of food and coffee options in this otherwise great hood and capitalize on this.

    1. We’ve got tons of markets/shops in the Inner Richmond (but we could certainly support another). Where do you shop? Lots of good spots…

  1. We’ve got Safeway at 16th and Potrero, Rainbow at Division and Folsom, Mission Local Market at 22nd and Harrison, all the local produce markets on 24th, and the Farmers market on Thursdays at Mission and 22nd. So who thinks we need this in the Mission?

          1. Yes, please cite sources…cause you’re getting me over-excited. So want to see that space become a grocery store soon. 😉

    1. @ R Michael: Whether or not anyone “needs” it, I can think of many reasons why people in the neighborhood might prefer this store to the alternatives you mention — the possible availability of top quality meat and seafood is just one reasons.

      1. All along Mission Street, there are fish and meat markets that have been in the neighborhood for a very long time. I especially like the one between 22nd and 23rd on Mission, I think its Sun Fat?, run by a Vietnamese family. The place is wicked clean, and the fish selection is terrific.

        1. Sun Fat is great; the meat markets are much less impressive. And some people like one stop shopping. My point is just because there are other markets around doesn’t mean that this one can’t flourish.

    2. Safeway sucks Rainbow is annoying, Mission Local is limited and people don’t necessarily want to stop at several Mission St markets to get everything they need. New stuff! Bring it on!!

  2. Still looking for a grocery store to replace Fresh and Easy that closed in Bayview at Third and Carroll. Come to bayview – we would love to have you!

  3. Gus and his family run fantastic grocery stores. I moved from the upper Haight years ago and still go back to their Haight Street Market at least once a week. They added a Parklet, it’s nice to sit and watch the world go by. And, it’s super easy to just ride a bike to Haight St and shop. They have some of the best produce in the City, great staff, everything you need. I think another grocery store is a great thing.

      1. Yes, “neighbor” does speak for most of us. I am tired of silly parklets when the real problems are ignored. How about fixing MUNI, dealing with street crime and homeless issues and getting it streets cleaner first?

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