Bay Meadows Station

One of the largest new office developments on the San Francisco Peninsula, the future Bay Meadows Station office complex will be comprised of five buildings with a total of 763,000 square feet of office and retail space along Delaware Street, adjacent to the Hillsdale Caltrain Station in San Mateo.

Bay Meadows Site

While developer Wilson Meany has yet to ink a tenant, the firm is planning to speculatively start construction on the 210,000-square-foot Station 4 building this month, with delivery in July of 2016, according to the Business Times.

“Meany added that some of the other Bay Meadows office buildings could start construction “in rapid succession” if companies show they are clamoring for the space. He added that the firm could look for one tenant to capture multiple buildings, but declined to say which companies were in talks.”

In addition to the office component, the overall 83-acre Bay Meadows community rising on the former racetrack site will include over 1,100 units of housing and 18 acres of parks when fully developed over the next six years.

13 thoughts on “Bay Meadows Office Development Breaking Ground”
    1. What a quaint snarky comment. It’s far better urban infill than what was there before (a race track); it’s also near both 92 and 101, and arguably walking distance to downtown San Mateo (certainly, to the businesses on El Camino and the Hillsdale district. Not sure what you’d have proposed as the alternative, given the overall level of development in this area of the Peninsula…

  1. Well Mark it is in the suburbs afterall. But you are being much too hard on this project as it is quite good with a lot of clustered townhomes, open space and buildings built to the street with minimized car parking and lots of bike lanes.

    Also, calling the current Caltrain a “transit station” is a stretch

  2. Design naysayers are living in a dream world. This is to be celebrated, and about as good of a new urbanist project as can be built in a California suburb in 2014. (Yes, better is def’ly possible, but take a win when you can get it.) Of course, we need a Bay Meadows in San Bruno, South SF, Oakland, San Leandro, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and maybe, oh, 3 or 4 more within San Jose’s borders. Then we would really be OK as a region.

    1. Exactly. thanks for saying that.
      I don’t get all the constant derision for low rise/suburban developments with parking. There’s a place for suburban living and there’s a place for urban living.

      It mostly seems to come from the so called “tolerant” San Francisco residents who really don’t like change or alternate solutions.

      1. The point though is this is suburban but well designed with housing clustered, parks, bike paths, transit rather than the unwalkable totally car oriented model so this should be applauded as a good approach to provide people with something in-between the two extremes

    2. And where would the land come from in San Bruno, South SF, Oakland, San Leandro, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and maybe, oh, 3 or 4 more within San Jose’s borders? This was a rare opportunity. And the result is pedestrian, sadly not in the sense of having people walk around…

      1. Well in San Bruno they rebuilt a large mall next to a BART station after the fact. In SSF there is all sorts of low density uses around their BART station.

        What did you have in mind for Bay Meadows that you are not seeing?

    3. Totally agree. This is by far the best suburban project in the Bay Area and San Mateo has another planned for Hayward park.

      Also, my friend lives in a single family home adjacent to this development. People need to realize this is quite a big development to be dropped in between rather dense neighborhoods of SFHs. As it stands I have a hard time convincing my friend that this will be a net positive for him and his family with the new shops and parks they can now walk to.

      1. Re: your friend, isn’t that amazing? This is what we are up against. It’s sad, really. A nationwide problem, fear of change.

        1. I don’t find it amazing. I would be concerned about a huge new development near by house as well as I have to drive my kids to school and such and traffic is already bad. Your priorities change and it is the suburbs

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