1032 Broadway circa 1906

Built in 1853 for Joseph H. Atkinson, a builder, bricklayer and real estate agent, the two-story Italian Villa at 1032 Broadway Street was remodeled around 1900 by Willis Polk and survived the Great Quake and Fire in 1906.

1032 Broadway Kitchen

The landmark Russian Hill home has since been remodeled and upgraded “for modern comfort,” complete with an elevator from the two-car garage below, but still sports a Game of Thrones worthy fireplace in the living room.

1032 Broadway: Living Room Fireplace

And with 3,890 square feet of living space on a 8,700-square-foot lot, the property has just hit the market listed for $12 million, or nearly $3,100 per square foot.  Keep in mind that a big parcel below is slated for a bit of development.

1032 Broadway View

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by MarinaBoy

    Very fun house love the spaces, intimate yet large enough for a dinner party of 10/12.

  2. Posted by Stewart

    It is a monumental shame that the interior redwood woodwork was painted white! Redwood is so porous that it can never be properly restored to its original wood color. I can remember that original glamorous interior.

  3. Posted by Serge

    Agree that it’s a pity that they painted it white, but at least they didn’t completely rip it out. Redwood, however, will allow you to strip paint without too much trouble I believe. It would likely take removing the pieces first, but it can be done.

    • Posted by Lloyd

      True that the original charm is done. However I face this choice all the time. If the original is left it would be soo dark, the majority of buyers would not like it.

  4. Posted by jlasf

    Hard to tell if the new houses will block the views. I would certainly do some research on that before buying.
    Other than that, great house. Charming.

  5. Posted by GGPark1975

    Stunning in every regard and the views should only get better with Salesforce Tower and other buildings currently being errected. I used to live across the street and I love that side of Russian Hill, warm and still.

    Regarding the houses going below, they are way below. That is one of the steepest streets in the city and the neighbor below this house is the design/developer so I’m sure it won’t effect the view whatsoever as the neighbor wouldn’t want to compromise their view. A few more garges on the steep side of Taylor would help so hopefully they are planning that as part of the new construction. The renderings for the corner develoment look great. At least it is Page & Turnbull.

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