3560 Baker Street

Managing to restore and preserve its original architecture while “bringing the home into the 21 century,” the current owners of the 5,900-square-foot Spanish Mediterranean home at 3560 Baker Street have meticulously and extensively remodeled the property.

3560 Baker Street Living Room

The home’s new kitchen is contemporary and clean.  And it fits right in.

3560 Baker Street Kitchen

3560 Baker Street Kitchen

And the lower-level “recreation room” is anything but an all-too-often afterthought.

3560 Baker Street Rec Room

With five bedrooms and three-and one half baths, 3560 Baker Street is now on the market and listed for $6.9 million, with a listing that notes the Marina District lot appears to be part of Strawberry Island, “a gravel and stone sandbar.”

17 thoughts on “Meticulously Restored, Renovated And On The Market For $6.9M”
  1. $1,169 psf seems pretty low for this level of quality and location. 3800 Clay seems to be the only real competition in D7 at this size/price…not much inventory.

  2. Unbelievable job. I’d still have to re-arrange the game room – the flat screen above the fireplace is way too high.

    1. Seriously. I don’t know why anyone thinks that’s acceptable. It shouldn’t be more than a couple feet off the ground. (I find that fireplace completely atrocious to boot, though the rest of the restoration looks nice, if not my style.)

    2. And redundant. There’s a projection unit hanging from the ceiling and a screen that drops down in front of the book cases.

  3. I get that it’s nice to save old details, but to me some of it veers into the high-Novato Toll Brothers realm.

    Is there anyone excited about that range hood who isn’t eligible for social security?

    And then the stager throws in the chrome and leather chairs? Seems like you’ve got to be loud and proud if you are offering a ‘classic’ product like this… Why pretend it should be ‘modern feeling?’

  4. Joshua – The details of the joists and the iron in the space are nice, but the living room pictures do look a little Toll Brothers to me. The staging, in my opinion, is distracting, poorly chosen, and incongruous to the overall design. That aside, Toll Brothers homes are often trying to imitate homes like this one.

    Is that big fireplace original? The confused kitchen is absolutely not ‘meticulously restored.’

    Here are some Toll Brothers home images:


    I note:

    (over) wrought faux spanish iron
    Big sandstone fireplaces
    Curving grand staircases.

    They all tend toward some aspirational ideal that is as baroque and over-the-top as this house was when it was first designed.

    I’ve said a lot about the staging, but I’ll say some more. What is wrong with you? Did you think at all about trying to match what is going into the house with the house itself? Pink headboards in the kids room? The ‘midcentury’ cylinder shade over the pool table. Who thought that was a good idea? You put an IKEA rug and a 20’s daybed in that living room. That’s not clever, that’s just having one stupid way of doing every house you stage.

    What’s the over/under on how much that staging cost?
    How much nice furniture could have been purchased to outfit that house with some dignity.


    Is this house worth 6.9mm to someone? Sure. I just wonder who that person is. I am dubious that it sells quickly at that price or that if it does, most of the decor survives. I think a lot of value is simply the location.

    1. Ok, Noe/SoccerMom,

      I often enjoy your efforts at humor, so let’s just generally say I’m a fan.

      But really? The Pinterest link you posted has this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/276408495853695842/

      This home is a period-appropriate rendition of the style. All the white-box haters here generally ignore that their preferred style is also a knock-off. That said, this property is a wonderful, 100ish year old, perhaps “Toll Brothers” of its day rendition of Spanish Colonial. A lovely home, that both seller and buyer should feel proud. (Including the entirely appropriate, and pretty cool stove-top!).

      It’s a LOVELY property — living across from the Palace of Fine Arts is a blessing and curse…

  5. UPDATE: The sale of meticulously renovated home at 3560 Baker Street has just closed escrow with a reported contract price of $7,100,000, or roughly $1,200 per square foot.

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