Candlestick Stadium

Bids for the contract to demolish Candlestick Stadium are due next week.  And having yet to secure permission to implode the stadium, and concerned about how long it will take and what it will cost, bidders are being asked to submit two proposals, one for an implosion of the stadium and another for a conventional demolition.

The demolition contract is slated be awarded in October, and the stadium seat and asset recovery program should be completed by mid-November, leaving the stadium ready to be razed.

The timeline for the demolition will depend upon whether or not the stadium is imploded, but Lennar is pushing for the site to be cleared “as quickly as possible” with a target of having the area leveled within 150 days of the demo team being told to proceed.

3 thoughts on “Candlestick Implosion Uncertainty”
  1. I think we should put this on the ballot in the next round of propositions
    I vote for implosion, big bang, fireworks and everything

  2. If I had a demolition firm that was bidding, I would charge taggers $10 each to spray paint part of the exterior of the building, then broadcast on local cable access the implosion of the building.

  3. Why not just convert it into a correctional facility for thugby-playing woman beaters. Granted it may need to be expanded, but still.

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