2636 San Bruno Avenue

Fresh off a successful CrowdBrewed campaign to fund the purchase of a 100 gallon nano brewing system and four fermentors, the founders of Ferment Drink Repeat, a start-up “Nano Brewery, Homebrew Supply Shop, and Brewery Incubator,” have signed a lease for a retail space on San Bruno Avenue in Portola.

If all goes according to plan with respect to permits, licensing and renovations, the nano brewery should open in the old Innovative Windows space at 2636 San Bruno Avenue in early 2015, around the corner from the Burrows Street pocket park and adjacent to the old Avenue Theater.

And as reported by a plugged-in reader last week, a tasting/tap room is included in the plans as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Alex740

    Can’t wait!

    Now we just need to find a cool new use for that theater.

    • Posted by zig

      It looks like someone is already using it for a church

      • Posted by Alex740

        Despite the sign, I think the church is gone now but I could be wrong.

      • Posted by Mike Kennedy

        The church was/is the the old theater. The brewery is moving into the building with the red awning.

  2. Posted by Rangermom

    So excited to know that this is headed to the Portola.

  3. Posted by Susie

    Yeah!!! Go Portola go!

  4. Posted by Jaime

    Ice cold brew in the summer…sweeet!

  5. Posted by Schazbot

    Schazbot will be the first in line.

  6. Posted by Dewayne

    What kind of business is this? Sorry if I come off as ignorant but I’ve never heard of this type of place.

  7. Posted by soccermom

    Apparently they brew the tiniest of beers. Really really small beers.

  8. Posted by Linda McKay

    Clever, clever!

  9. Posted by Rangermom

    Dewayne, my understanding is that the beer will be brewed in batches of less than 100 gallons and served in a tap room. The will also have home brewers supplies and allow beer hobbyists to brew in their tanks, So soccermom is correct, the tiniest of batches of beer.

  10. Posted by Mamiel

    I really wish there was a cool bar and or restaurant to go with the brewery.

  11. Posted by Laura

    I’m with Alex740- I wish they’d rehab the theatre!
    I hear people who work at the tech companies are moving into the hood. You’d think with some of that $$, they could fix it up.

  12. Posted by Johntrev

    Official grand opening is this Saturday, June 25, a year and a half after they had hoped; permitting is not a short process.

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