2418 Webster Street

Nine months ago, the Pacific Heights four-bedroom home at 2418 Webster Street sold for $3,100,000 with an already remodeled kitchen, marble and tile baths, and 2,570 listed square feet of living space.

While no building permits have since been issued and the interior looks the same, save the “recently updated” kitchen which does appear to be sporting new counters and hardware on the sink, the home is now back on the market nine months later and listed with 2,853 square feet of space.

2418 Webster Kitchen: Before and After

The only other significant change: a list price of $3,795,000, a sale at which would represent appreciation of 22 percent for the property over the past nine months.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by fred

    It will be interesting to see homes like this, and the North end of the city in general, fare in view of the so-called rise of the well-paid techies in other areas of the city.

  2. Posted by S

    a fool and his money are soon parted

  3. Posted by loftlover

    I like the full page photography on the web site and the music.

    I am confused as to why they didn’t extend the marble counter right up to the backsplash. Seems a little pricey, but it will likely sell quickly.

  4. Posted by Conifer

    This house is very much an “east of Fillmore,” very urban, deep into PacHts house, with an apartment house next to it. In some sense, then, it is an ordinary typical house for the neighborhood. It is not and never was a mansion. If it sells at this price, it sets a benchmark for almost any single family house north of Sacramento. Given what mere tarted-up workingmen’s houses have sold for south of the slot, I expect this will sell quickly.

  5. Posted by bongo bong

    That is $1476 / sqft assuming their old square footage. I’m guessing the agent included that storage area or perhaps the “loft” in the total sqft this time around. That is a lot of $$$ for a medium sized house but after seeing that prospector shack at 2210 Pine go for $3.1m (with only 1950 sqft) on a busy part of a busy street nothing surprises me anymore. There is a major land rush going on right now and given where the tech economy is going in SF it may prove out to be a prudent investment strategy. Prime SF is roughly the same price as Beacon Hill/Back Bay in Boston right now (~1k/sqft) and the weather and economy are way better here than there….

  6. Posted by bongo bong

    Just checked that lot is only 18 feet wide by 95 for a total of 1710 sqft too so undersized. If that what is pushing $4m now have mercy 🙂

  7. Posted by Conifer

    I did not know that it was only 18 feet wide, very narrow even for SF. So a sale at this price will set a floor, rather than a benchmark, for PacHts houses.

  8. Posted by Realestateguru

    Are they selling because of the apartment complex next door? Noise (shared wall) and lack of privacy (side windows facing the yard and deck)? Hmmmm….

  9. Posted by

    Was at the Sunday Open, they had all sorts of plans done to remodel and add square footage. Plans are great.There was definitely some updating in the kitchens and baths and new windows too, it looked way better than it was before.

    • Posted by shza

      Oh, new windows. That explains the extra $700,000.

  10. Posted by Joshua

    There are only 4 single family residences on MLS in Pacific Heights. The next most expensive place is asking $6.5MM. Supply and demand…

  11. Posted by Realestateguru

    Anyone can draw up plans. I doubt they are able to add any additional sq footage (aside from converting the garage) since the height and width already reach the permittable limit. Good luck with the 311 Process or asking for a variance….much less the cost to actaully do the construction.

  12. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: The list price for 2418 Webster Street has just been reduced $300,000 (7.9%), now asking $3,495,000.

  13. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: Despite the reduction, the listing for 2418 Webster Street has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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