According to a Principal at Retail West, the San Francisco-based firm which has been engaged to lead the retail strategy for Centennial Gateway, the “retail and entertainment destination” to rise directly across the street from the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, the project will be “more contemporary, lively, and modern than anything the Bay Area has ever seen.”

Centennial Gateway Rendering at Dusk

In fact, Retail West’s stated goal is to give the workforce around Santa Clara “a place to call their own without having to drive to the city for fun,” a rather rough assessment of the Peninsula’s current state of affairs and mindset.

Centennial Gateway Rendering

In addition to 120,000 square feet of retail, the Centennial Gateway development will include 600,000 square feet of office space, an open-air plaza and a full-service boutique hotel.

15 thoughts on “The Bay Area’s Most Contemporary, Lively And Modern Project?”
  1. Hmmm… based on that rendering it looks exactly like the mall at the end of the third street promenade in Santa Monica.

    1. There won’t me much reason to cross the entire street since the other side has the Niner’s stadium (dark 95% of the time), youth league soccer, and an amusement park. But then there are huge surface parking lots over there that might eventually get redeveloped.


      As for this development giving south bayers an alternative to driving to SF for fun: this won’t even put a dent in the amount of folks going north to the City. Yes, it is basically yet another shopping mall though nice to see the use of outdoor space to take advantage of the excellent weather.

    1. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want certain kinds of people in SF, we don’t want you in SF either!

  2. “more contemporary, lively, and modern than anything the Bay Area has ever seen.”

    That means it will be dated and trite the day after it opens. Just like the Metreon, billed as the “future of retail.”

    Totally lame.

  3. If anyone here had ever been to Santana Row, they’d see it is a success and a step forward, even though it’s not perfect to an urbanist. In 10 or 20 years, it might acquire actual character if it can be stitched to surrounding and sympathetic new development.

  4. Can you show a half mile radius of all the streets and location of the Retail West and the Levi’s Stadium?
    Where are the major streets and how to get there by car or trains? Map of residents and business zoning?

  5. Thank God Santa Carla Sunnypedis Cucamunga can now have its own Santana Row… five miles away from Santana Row. It’s a long drive.

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