Signatures in support of three proposed ballot measures have been submitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections for verification.

Assuming at least 9,702 valid signatures per measure, the proposed ordinances which would block the renovation of the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park and approve the up-zoning of Pier 70 for redevelopment will qualify for the November ballot.  The third measure would establish a number of car-friendly transportation priorities for San Francisco, albeit by way of a non-binding declaration of policy.

A total of <strike>ten</strike> nine local ballot measures appear to be headed for the November ballot, including  the mayor’s “Children’s Playgrounds, Walking Trails and Athletic Fields Act,” a counter measure which would allow the conversion of the Beach Chalet’s four grass fields to synthetic turf and lighting for evening use to proceed even if the Athletic Fields measure above is passed, as long as the mayor’s measure receives more votes.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by d-b

    All the more reason to get an initiative on something like the June ballot where one does not compete with numerous other choices.

  2. Posted by SFrentier

    Will that Eric Mar nonsense about taxing re sales of apartment bldgs up to 24% also get on the ballot? I can’t imagine it won’t be challenged muy pronto- taxation without representation. Hello?

    • Posted by SFrentier

      To answer my own question: if 4 Supes sponsor it they don’t need to collect sigs.

  3. Posted by 4oceans

    Children’s Playgrounds, Walking Trails and Athletic Fields Act — what a bogus laugher. How about: Force kids to play on toxic green ground up tires and fake butterflies Act?

    • Posted by Harvey

      Obviously, you have no kids that play soccer on that gopher-infested, poorly drained, ankle breaker, muddy swamp they currently call a soccer field…

    • Posted by Anon

      you’re the laugher, except it isn’t funny. at all. so many kids and adults have gotten injured from that unsustainable sandy plane where they’ve artificially forced grass to “kind of” exist, albeit in a costly manner

  4. Posted by moto mayhem

    i cant understand why anyone would be against the new turf. whats the rationale?

  5. Posted by Tony in SF

    You forgot to mention the “Restore Transportation Balance” initiative, which will make it policy to build additional parking structures in all SF’s neighborhoods.

    I think one would look nice right next to Fredrikson’s Hardware in Cow Hollow, and another adjacent to Magnolia Brewery in The Haight…where would you like to see such a neighborhood-demolishing structure rise in _your_ neighborhood?

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