Beach Chalet Athletic Fields Design
The long proposed renovation for the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields facility would convert the four existing grass soccer fields to synthetic turf and add lighting for evening use.

In addition to the turf conversion and lights, the project would include the following: installation of pedestrian and spectator amenities throughout the facility and adjacent parking lot; the installation of black vinyl fencing around the fields; the installation of a play structure, picnic tables and barbeque pits; the construction of a new maintenance shed; the renovation of the existing restroom building involving modification of existing openings and construction of a concrete paved entry plaza; irrigation and storm drainage improvements; and, re-configuration and expansion of the existing 50-space parking lot to accommodate approximately 20 additional stalls.

In conjunction with the Planning Department’s preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the project, a public meeting will be held on February 23rd at 6:30 p.m. at 6101 Fulton Street (Golden Gate Park Senior Center) for those who wish to weigh in.

10 thoughts on “Beach Chalet Athletic Fields Facility As Proposed”
  1. Please let this wonderful park happen quickly. The city cannot have enough of these facilities. The Sunset, Crocker Amazon, and Kimball facilities are already at capacity and then some.

  2. $50, unless you’re doing it for profit (or you’re not a resident, but why would a non-resident rent a field here?) You need at least 20 people or so, so that’s a relatively reasonable $2.50 per.

  3. I was looking at the non-resident one, yeah. But it’s 25 bucks for a half of a field for residents. So it’s 50 for an hour, and 100 for two hours.

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