222 Second Street Rendering

Already fully pre-leased to LinkedIn, Tishman Speyer’s 450,000-square-foot building rising on the southwest corner of Second and Howard will reach 26 stories in height and should be ready for occupancy in 2017.

Designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners and Gensler, the glass-shingled façade of 222 Second Street will be punctuated by 22-foot high portals opening into an 8,700 square foot public space and cafe fronting Howard.

222 Second Street Public Space

The public space will be adorned with teak wood walls, polished concrete floors and three works by artist Frank Stella (from left to right: The Pequod Meets the Delight, Riallaro, and Shards III)  which are to be purchased for $1 million and fulfill the development’s 1 percent for the Arts requirement.

222 Second Street Public Space

The building’s required Public Space and art are slated to be accessible to the public during weekday business hours, but will be closed to the public on weekends and in the evenings.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by seriously

    the actual artwork is shown out of context here:

  2. Posted by anon94123

    Beautiful. I hope the reality is as seductive as the renderings.

  3. Posted by grumpy

    3 big (size) works by Frank Stella for $1 million, doesn’t sound right , those in the rendering don’t look right either.

  4. Posted by grumpy

    thanks for the information, I just thought his work would be worth more.

  5. Posted by Woofie

    The original glowing back lit art piece is way cooler. . . Sad Peter Weingarten got involved.

  6. Posted by Can't think of Cool Name

    Ready for occupancy in 2017? Really? It looks to me that they’re halfway up with the steel right now and its July 2014. Why will it take another 2 and 1/2 years to complete a 26 story building?

  7. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    This seems like a public space that works. Millennium’s public space should be more like this rather than having their artful space cloaked behind the dark glass.

    • Posted by CMG

      WYT…as a resident of Millennium Tower, I can confidently say that we would welcome any funding you would like to provide to help us improve our public space, if it doesn’t meet your standards.

      • Posted by Wai Yip Tung

        I’d contribute a welcome mat. I’ve walked pass the building a hundred times. I’d never suspect the public space exist if I haven’t look up the directory of public space.

        • Posted by Sierrajeff

          WYT is right, most of these “public spaces” look like private lobbies to passers by – a place where a security guard will yell at you for loitering, or even for being there if you don’t work there.

  8. Posted by CMG

    Now that you know it is there, I truly hope you enjoy it.

  9. Posted by Keepitup

    Hope the morning sun reflection off the north side of the building doesn’t roast those $$$$ million dollar condos at 246 2nd……

  10. Posted by arch

    So, since this is “public space”, what if some street person came in to sit inside the lobby all day talking to themselves? I would not be surprised if building security would say this was “private property” and ask the person who was breaking no laws to leave.

  11. Posted by Keepitup

    Hey arch,
    Why not give it a try down the street at NW corner of 2nd and Mission. Go into the public space, which is a three story light filled lobby and sit at one of the public tables babbling to yourself for a while and see it you get tossed.

    If it doesn’t work there go to Harrison and 1st and try one of the four Foundry sq buildings.

    Let us know the outcome.

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