68 Presidio Ave

Purchased for $3.3 million in 2011 having already been renovated with “xqzt archi” details and a new marble kitchen, the Pacific/Presidio Heights home at 68 Presidio Avenue was expanded and rebuilt to conform to the “aesthetic and living preferences of today” and re-listed for $8,995,000 at the end of May.

68 Presidio Kitchen

The new floor plan includes a second bedroom suite on the lower level, a five car garage below, and a roof deck with big views over the Presidio and Bay.

68 Presidio Roof Deck

And the preference of the market: a $645,000 price cut to $8,350,000 as of today.

10 thoughts on “$645K Less For The Living Preferences Of Today”
  1. They did a nice job on this place. It was sort of a disaster before but hard to change that location on a rather busy street. But the curb appeal improvement is 5x or more. I like this place a lot. Can’t quite argue with the listing price, as these new remodels are commanding high prices. I would guess there is a lot of room to play and emerge with a profit. Nice to see some efficient markets re-emerging. I guess!?

  2. That garage is hilarious. How exactly does one shuffle five vehicles around a garage, with a single door, that exits onto a busy intersection of Presidio?

    1. That’s four spots for collectable cars and one for the daily driver. The shuffle is only needed twice a year when the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance takes place.

    2. There are a number of parking systems that can shuffle around cars for you in a situation with a garage like that. I know it sounds insane. I explored getting one for my own house when the planning department effectively limited garage doors to eight feet in width. For someone dropping eight million on a house, I imagine the cost seems trivial.

  3. Re: curb cut, the City won’t grant it. The City does not want to encourage more cars but it wants to retain street parking for… meters and tickets I suppose. So everyone gets the one (small) garage door. People who can afford it just pay for a parking systems and park 2, 3 or more cars. People who can’t afford it get a bike as a second car instead.

  4. Is that concrete colored exterior considered attractive? It doesn’t seem to be well suited to this style of house. Some painting would not go astray.

  5. This is the end house of four of the same period on Presidio. This one has now been destroyed, both interior and exterior. Some day San Franciscans will regret the “gut remodel” ethic of flippers. I agree that the concrete color is horrible and makes it look more like a fortress than the elegant home it was when originally built, and is unsympathetic toward its siblings to the north. Sorry to disagree with my compatriot on socketsite, eddy.

  6. UPDATE: The sale of 68 Presidio Avenue has closed escrow with a reported contract price of $7,750,000. Having been reduced to $8,350,000 last month, the sale is officially $600,000 under asking in terms of industry stats but also $1,245,000 (13.8%) under its original list price of $8,995,000 in May.

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