527 Morse Street

Measuring a legal 266 square feet, the “cozy cottage” in need of “TLC” at 527 Morse Street is one of the smallest single-family homes in San Francisco.

That measurement, however, does not include the “bonus…storage shed” which now sits in the front yard of the home’s rather small 1,355 square foot lot, a font yard which has been described as “ideal for garden lovers.”

527 Morse Street

Having last traded hands for $89,500 in 1996, the Crocker Amazon property is now back on the market and listed for $379,000.  That’s roughly $1,425 per legal square foot for the “ideal starter home.”  All quotes per the listing.

12 thoughts on “A 266-Square-Foot “Starter Home” In San Francisco, For $379K”
  1. Seems to be priced basically the same as an empty lot.

    Hopefully the planners won’t consider this ‘historical’, you could just rebuild something else on that lot.

  2. Could be a pretty amazing/quirky spot. Assuming you don’t actually HAVE TO tear it down just to legally occupy it.

  3. Do I hear $381,000?…..going once….going twice…………….You in the back…yes you……is that your hand up…or are you swatting flies?

  4. Looks like the previous owner is going to 4X+ their money. Maybe it is the interlopers who are really the ones crying about housing prices and rental rates and the locals and landowners are making 4x all over town. They want to live here but pay what they were used to paying back in Peoria.

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