Oakland Coliseum

The Oakland A’s have proposed a 10-year lease extension for the Oakland Coliseum. The deal which could help keep the team in the East Bay until at least 2024 calls for $10-12 million in stadium improvements.

According to the Chronicle, the “most notable” improvements include a new electronic scoreboard and a ribbon scoreboard between the first and second decks. No word on proposed improvements to the Coliseum’s plumbing and sewer system.

7 thoughts on “A’s Pitch 10-Year Extension For The Oakland Coliseum”
  1. That stadium is a total dump. Changes made to the stadium through the years have actually made the place even worse.

  2. Sad to hear. I was hoping all parties involved could get their act together and build a Fenway/Wrigley styled ballpark in Jack London Square.
    I’ll echo Mike’s sentiments. A long time ago, the Coliseum wasn’t a bad ballpark. Prices were reasonable, and the park had a nice feel to it, with the outfield being open and affording most fans a view of the East Bay hills. The Al Davis moved the Raiders back and built that monstrosity in the outfield, and the park has a claustrophobic, shut-in kind of feeling.

  3. Actually the Northridge earthquake damaged the LA stadium to the extent that the Raiders probably couldn’t play in LA. Oakland begged them to come back and promised more seats and more luxury boxes. The additional seats and luxury boxes was the reason why Al moved to LA in the first place.
    Mayor Quan’s days in Oakland are probably numbered and bozo Bud Selig is going to retire. The new blood will probably be pretty good for the A’s.
    No one talks about Candlestick being a dump.

  4. @inclinejj – People talked all the time about Candlestick being a dump, which is why the Giants moved to AT&T Park and the Niners are moving to Levi’s Stadium. Candlestick won’t even exist this time next year.

  5. @inclinejj – I really wasn’t musing on Al’s reasons for moving the Raiders back to Oakland – just noting that the construction of “Mt. Davis” turned what was once a decent ballpark into a hideous mess.
    And people talk about Candlestick being a dump all the time. Even when the Giants were playing there.

  6. “That stadium is a total dump. Changes made to the stadium through the years have actually made the place even worse.”

    Without the Mt. Davis, or whatever it is called, the stadium could be a great mid-century stadium like Chavez Ravine with great views of the Oakland Hills.

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