The proposed Market Street development with 87 rental units over 5,100 square feet of ground floor commercial space to rise on the northeast corner of Market and Sanchez (aka 2198 Market Street) was unanimously approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission last night.

The building will rise to a height of 65-feet along Market and drop to 40-feet along Sanchez:

The former Shell gas station site was up-zoned for development as part of the Market-Octavia Neighborhood Plan in 2008.

6 thoughts on “Market And Sanchez Street Development Approved To Rise”
  1. Why does it seem like I’m looking at it through the funny mirror at the state fair? Weird proportions.

  2. Isn’t this where the Linea sales trailer is now? That space does not seem to be able to accomodate such a large “looking” project.

  3. great! i hope this moves forward quickly. good infill development. is there a timeline for this yet? when can we expect construction to begin?

  4. As a neighbor, I’m excited to see this development fill in with more retail along Market.
    @grumpy Yes, this is where the Linea trailer is. It’ll be a tight spot but the open space of the intersection is huge to balance out this mass.
    The building is pretty blech and has gotten worse through the review process. It’ll be helpful for the nearby shops to have the storefront voids filled in.

  5. Lived on that block for a while, and ever since the Shell shut down, I dreamed of building a boutique hotel with a true Parisian cafe with an open front on Market for people watching. Sigh, now replaced with ultra drab cookie cutter mixed use residential that looks like every other watered down project in this city.

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