From the declaration of Special Agent Emmanuel Pascua in support of indicting State Senator Leland Yee, former gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, and ex-S.F. school board member Keith Jackson, amongst others:

“…Chow and the [undercover employee] talked about the corrupt nature of politics in San Francisco. Chow commented how San Francisco has changed over the years. While the city itself looks clean, Chow believed San Francisco was dirtier because of public corruption.”

According to the declaration, Jackson first connected with Chow while trying to garner support for “the development of Bayview/Hunters Point.” Jackson was engaged by Lennar Corp to help secure the approval for their plans to develop Candlestick and Hunters Point.

16 thoughts on “According To Shrimp Boy, San Francisco Is Dirtier Than It Looks”
  1. “JACKSON requested UCE 4599 to provide a campiaign donation on behalf of SENATOR YEE, for SENATOR YEE to facilitate a meeting with the arms dealer with the intent of UCE 4599 to purpotedly purchase a large number of weapons to be imported through the Port of Newark, New Jersey. During a meeting with UCE 4599, SENATOR YEE, and KEITH JACKSON, SENATOR YEE discussed certain details of the specific types of weapons UCE 4599 was interested in buying and importing.”
    This is more serious than a cash for tapioca store permit deal.

  2. ^good lord!
    But more to home and SocketSite, any chance/risk that the implications of corruption w/r/t Hunters Point could impede the redevelopment there? E.g., contracts having to get re-bid?

  3. I had to drive in San Francisco early this morning for the 1st time in years. It made me want to call the FBI in on the crooks at the SFMTA & Planning. WHat they have done to SF is much worse than LY.

  4. Yee might have become mayor; he had a lot of support from prominent lefties in SF. Makes you wonder about agro-lefties like campos. I’m sure he’s corrupt too, the aggressive way he is acting against property owners. Great way to hide something. I’ll dance with glee if campos gets busted and gets his wings clipped on his state run. I suspect many of these leftist-activist-“politicians” are corrupt as well. Such hypocrites; totally pathetic.

  5. @poor.ass.millionaire – you’re a little naive then – all politicians are corrupt to some degree not ‘agro-lefties’ & leftist-activist-‘politicians’ geez

  6. Well the diff, John, is that SF lefties purport to be more pure, righteous and always for “the (poor) people.” Normal politicians tacitly admit to pandering to financial interests, pulling favors, focusing on getting reelected, placing relatives in plum private jobs, etc., etc. Kapish?

  7. And yet some people (probably just those who benefit from construction & development) are still against Prop B, preferring that corrupt officials decide what’s best for us. Brilliant!
    I hope Yee rats out many of his colleagues. Last night was probably a sleepless one for certain yet-unaccused individuals.

  8. Another related quote from the special agent’s declaration:

    “Keith Jackson stated he was going to meet with the owner of a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco to pick up a campaign donation on behalf of Senator Yee. Keith Jackson surmised this would be a good year for medical marijuana legislation.”

  9. ^ I dunno, I just hope he can nark on some of the anti LL political schmucks out there and get them in trouble….will bring merit to the two wrongs make a right theory 😉

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