The heavy machinery is feasting on the remnants of the guest rooms, the office portion of the old Jack Tar Hotel has been stripped to its superstructure, and the city block should soon be completed razed in order to make room for CPMC’s Cathedral Hill Hospital to rise.

7 thoughts on “Cathedral Hill Demolition: Feasting On The Remnants Of The Rooms”
  1. It’s really cool watching this deconstruction. I drive by it daily and love seeing the progress – uh, I mean de-progress.

  2. If you like the building you can see it in the Gene Hackman/Francis Ford Coppola movie, “The Conversation. (The late, great John Cazale is in it too. One of his five films).
    The hotel plays an important role in the movie.
    The building was a touchstone for a certain era in San Francisco, for better or for worse.

  3. They have to be careful the debris does not fly into the street or sidewalks. Can you spell “law suit”? The jaws nibbling away at the concrete keep things contained. By the way, it’s “stripped” not “striped”.

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