While the façade of the proposed home to be built at 65 Villa Terrace only rises two stories above the street, the home spans four levels across the downsloping lot:

As proposed, and for which a number of variances will be needed, the design includes a guest suite and media room in the basement, bedrooms on the first level, open livings areas on the second level, and a master bedroom with his and her bathrooms and closets – of which hers are almost twice as large – on the top floor (click images to enlarge).

Not including the 682 square foot garage with space for two cars, a motorcycle and bikes, the proposed home would provide nearly 5,600 square feet of space in which to live.

And once again, per the requested building permit for the project, the estimated cost of construction for the Sutro Architects designed home is “$750,000,” which would be the basis for the permit fees to be collected by the city if approved.

10 thoughts on “A Closer Look At The Plans For A 6,000 Square Foot House”
  1. I think it’s fine if they say it will cost them one dollar to build, so long as the city went in and verified that amount afterwards. Then, if the actual amount was within a certain range of the estimate, they could get that estimate signed off on, or if the difference was 50k or 100k beyond the estimated cost there could be an adjustment upwards and fines.

  2. all this fuss….the city does consistently adjust permit prices, I just got dinged on a remodel that I put down for 125k, after the first building inspection, the inspector made me bump it up another 100k and do some “voluntary” upgrades.

  3. “Where does one find the magical contractor that builds in SF for $133/sq ft?”
    A DIY builder might be able to achieve this rate, not accounting for his/her sweat equity. Not that there are many DIY house builds in the city these days or anything.

  4. the Fishers are genuine billionaires.
    do they really need to screw SF out of money like this?

  5. Not sure why everyone is pissed off about the valuation … in case you have never filed for a permit, the valuation is determined solely by the plan checker. It doesn’t matter if you plan on building at $2000 psf or $10 psf, they have in house valuations and rules of thumb that they use. I’ve had associates get their numbers REDUCED. No joke. So get over it … the demo and the variances are way bigger issues.

  6. Sad that no one really cares about losing a good Mid-Century Modern house by noted architect Henry Hill. Hill was a wonderful designer whose houses are getting swept away in time. I wonder if the Planning Dep’t historic planners have the guts to claim that the existing house is a historic resource and force them to do a neg. dec.?

  7. I just wonder what industrial owner/user is going to want to purchase this warehouse so high up on Clarendon. Is it like an organic local food cold-packer? A distributor of fine wines? Those double door loading bays look like they could accommodate a box truck. Is this zoned PDR?

  8. Local neighbor here, just found this… Have to say I’m neutral on the project. At least they’ll pay permit fees and the whole thing won’t be balanced on Jenga blocks and fall down the hill…
    But are you seriously calling out the size of a proposed “Her” closet vs. “His?” You can’t expect anyone to take this website and its strange passive-aggressive posts seriously with nonsense like that, do you? Finding out that’s the level of debate and nosy bullshit going on, then I now hope this guy builds a 6 story tower instead.

  9. Looks like Mr. Fisher gave up on his plans and moved on….seems to have sold without hitting MLS in March for $2,000,000

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