It’s a relatively small move in terms of space but perhaps not significance as Google is taking over the 35,000 square foot former printworks building and property at 16th and Alabama in the Mission, “part of an effort to recruit engineers who do not want to work in its vast Silicon Valley headquarters,” according to the Financial Times.

The building which was built as a mattress factory in 1923 and last occupied by the family-owned Howard Quinn printing company is large enough to hold up to 200 people and is being earmarked “as a place to house the start-ups [Google] buys, according to several people familiar with the situation.”

The property encompasses the entire triangular shaped block and includes its own gated parking lot striped for 29 cars, perfect for those who would rather not take the bus.

UPDATE: Despite the Financial Time’s report, we have just confirmed that Google has not signed a lease nor purchased the building on Alabama Street.

3 thoughts on “Google Is Moving Into The Mission”
  1. Being zoned for industrial uses, Google had better tread carefully as the property can’t be used for programmers sitting at computers as in a typical office.

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