A plugged-in tipster reports that they have struck gold, quite literally, while excavating Transbay Blocks 6 & 7 for the 32-story tower and mid-rise to rise along Folsom Street.

Okay, so it’s only the single Chilean gold doubloon pictured above and dated 1838 that has been uncovered so far, or at least that’s all that has been reported by the crew.

Ironically, the tower to rise on the site is designed to be LEED Gold certified.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jeff schlarb

    That is fascinating. I’ll take my answer, off the air.

  2. Posted by Sierrajeff

    Somebody ~180 years ago was *pissed*! “I swear I had the doubloon in my waistcoat just this morning!”

  3. Posted by sf

    The city should give it to evicted tenants. They deserve it!

  4. Posted by seriously

    sf i hope you’re kidding. you do realize that this used to be a parking lot…
    no one got evicted.

  5. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    I’d like to hear more about this story. My guess is that the archeologists found the coin in a debris pile or trash dump that caught their attention. Otherwise finding a coin in the midst of hundreds of cubic yards of soil is like finding a needle in a haystack.
    Sierrajeff – I agree that someone was pissed about losing such a valuable coin. However I’m guessing it was lost another way. Sometimes people conceal valuable stuff and then forget about it. I know a woman who sewed her inherited diamonds into a duvet for safe keeping and then years later tossed out the duvet. Du-oh !

  6. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Well we’ll know that more than one was found when 19th century Chilean gold doubloons start mysteriously showing up at that Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Vegas and the seller isn’t aware enough to realize that going on reality TV isn’t a great way to trade illicit antiquities if you want to get away with it.

  7. Posted by MoneyMan

    sf – all evicted tenants should get is the honoring of their lease and nothing else.

  8. Posted by shza

    It was pretty obvious that sf’s comment was snark.

  9. Posted by kranky

    how is that ironic? More like coincidental. It would be ironic if it were a silver piece…

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