Having pre-leased their 30-story tower rising at 350 Mission Street to Salesforce for 14 years, Kilroy Realty has now pre-leased its entire 182,000 square foot building under development at 333 Brannan Street to Dropbox for a term of 12 years.

The Brannan Street building should be ready for Dropbox to occupy in early 2015.

11 thoughts on “Dropbox Signs Lease For Entire SoMa Building To Rise On Brannan”
  1. Impressive that it’s already pre-leased — I can see the lot from my office window and there were two backhoes on the property all day today demo’ing the existing structures.

  2. “Soma needs more landscaped medians.”
    While landscaped medians look nice, they’re sometimes a liability in dense environments because they take away street width that could be used for auto and bike traffic, sidewalks, and parking. They also induce higher speeds and interfere with emergency vehicle maneuvers.
    So add landscaped medians, but only if all of the other traffic flow, parking, and safety issues have been addressed.

  3. Dagnabbit, I work in a dumpy building across the street and was hoping to maybe possibly move over there. Sigh. In any case, it’ll be quite nice to look out the window at this.

  4. DropBox is about the least intuitive thing going. Something better will replace it unless it goes back to the lab.

  5. I think Dropbox will still be there, maybe absorbed or transformed because cloud storage is the ultimate solution for our multi-device lives. Paypal is still there 16 years after it was created because it filled the need of a safe standardized one-top payment.

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