Purchased for $2,700,000 in August of 2007, the John Maniscalco designed home at 836 Alvarado is back on the market and listed for $2,599,000, a little under $800 per foot.


The main level of the four-bedroom Noe Valley home features Avodire wood cabinets and accent walls, behind which a secondary staircase to the master suite is hidden.


The kitchen is open to a family room which overlooks the yard designed by Paxton Gate:


Keep in mind that Noe Valley home prices didn’t actually peak until 2008, but the end of 2007 was pretty close. And if you think you know the Noe market, now’s the time to tell.

11 thoughts on “Apples to Apples and Peak to Peak?”
  1. already pending is very interesting. Must be a massive overbid cause otherwise the seller should’ve waited for more offers.
    They were clearly low balling. It’s a perfect apple as it was sold exactly at the previous peak. Not my favorite location or house but not much to complain overall.
    My guess is that it’s at least $3.1 but maybe more.

  2. Yeah, clearly underpriced to generate bids…and seemingly with success. With nothing in the Noe SFH inventory right now, would not be surprised to see this go over $3mm, despite being high on the hill and pretty far from the 24th street corridor.

  3. this is disgusting. it was too much for it then and too much for it now. this house is not worth even close to that. the buyer got taken. the over valuations are eyebrow raising to say the least but this is flat out shocking

  4. Am I the only one that doesn’t think this house is all that great? I am not impressed by any of the fixtures.

  5. Not a bad result considering, apparently, that SF real estate is not doing well…
    also funny that 2008 now seems to have been accepted as the peak for many areas in SF. On this site in 2008 much time was spent demonstrating that the median indicators were misleading, that mix was major part of why 2008 seemed to be above 2007 etc. So it goes!

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