While revised proposals for redeveloping the Presidio’s former Commissary and current Sports Basement site across from Crissy Field were originally due on January 3, the deadline has been pushed back by two weeks to January 17, 2014.
The date for the Presidio Trust’s public Board Meeting to discuss the revised proposals remains unscheduled and the reference to the Trust Board indicating a direction for the Mid-Crissy Field site in January has just been removed from the Presidio Trust’s timeline.

4 thoughts on “Due Date And Decision For Mid-Crissy Field Plans Pushed Back”
  1. i personally hope Lucas sticks to his guns and give the chicago vs. SF ultimatum. Then we can find out how dumb the Trust members really are. He is contributing a lot of money, and the other projects are complete crap

  2. N.B. is sending plenty of signals (public and private) that nothing resembling the original Lucas plan will be built. We’ll see…

  3. I hope they tell Lucas to change the design or run to Chicago. He’s using his money to attempt to push through a design that is nothing more than a Hollywood movie set.
    The other solutions may need money, but they are far more relevant to 2013 in terms of design and use.

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