Having consummated their purchase of Transbay Block 6 at Folsom and Fremont, Golub & Co. has secured the financing for the 300-foot residential tower to rise on the corner at 299 Fremont Street with plans to start construction by the year and be ready for occupancy in late 2015.

The development of Transbay Block 6 includes the construction of 40-foot townhomes along Clementina Alley and three 50 to 85-foot mid-rise buildings on Fremont, Beale, and Folsom.


In total, 545 apartments (348 market-rate, 61 below market rate, and 136 subsidized affordable units to be developed by Mercy Housing) will be built on the Transbay block along with 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail and 136 underground parking spaces.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by $AN FRANCI$CO

    The poor souls who end up living there will all sing the same song: “MERCY I wish there was someplace in all this HOUSING to park my car.”

  2. Posted by hmmm

    Ugg. Looks like a an office building. Boxy glass blandness.

  3. Posted by cfb

    It’s nothing special (and not every building has to be), but I think the tower looks nice. The midrise portion is pretty boring, but at least it’s not making my eyes bleed.

  4. Posted by anon

    @$AN FRANCI$CO – I would hope that people who choose to live here will be smart enough to figure out that parking is limited and choose to live somewhere else if that’s one of their primary concerns. Fortunately we don’t force people to live where they don’t want to.

  5. Posted by mdg

    I’m still wishing it was taller – and looked less like a tokyo office building
    but – whatever –
    After getting ANYTHING through SF planning – I’d say – if you have the energy left to build it – GREAT!

  6. Posted by Nick

    The midrise looks like Beacon 2.0
    Still, a reasonable addition to improve the density in SOMA. Hard to believe how quickly this neighboorhood is changing.

  7. Posted by Alex

    Was the design altered?

  8. Posted by Todd J

    Trader Joe’s where are you? Please move into our neighborhood! With ALL these new residences comes on board their is a dire need for you. You are in demand and loved.

  9. Posted by anon

    Trader Joe’s?
    Nutritional quality marginally better than McDonalds. But great prices on beer.
    I’d hold rather out for something better than a TJ, Safeway, etc.

  10. Posted by Truth

    ^ what an utterly ridiculous thing to type

  11. Posted by sf

    Whole Foods carries the same brands as TJ’s, but with 3x the markup.

  12. Posted by lol

    ^ either McDonalds has gotten much better or anon is just being a bit elitist.
    It’s easy to confuse price with quality. BMW understood that 50 years ago. They marked up their cars 10 to 20% higher than MBZ and for a while the image stuck that BMZ was better built and higher performance.
    WF works a lot that way. America being very class conscious, they played the “I want to shop where the better people are shopping” card.
    Yes they have a great selection of awesome products, but price-wise, they’re a bit like a giant Bi-Rite where the basic daily goods can be found almost for 1/2 the price somewhere else (yup, that would be TJ’s). Shopping there is a social event as much as finding the stuff you want.
    But you can’t tell that to someone who’s overpaying. You are probably the jealous type 😉

  13. Posted by Jimmy the House Flipper

    BMWs ARE better! Go to a track day, how many Mercedes are out there? Between 1 and 0… to be found somewhere in the back of the novice run group.
    Meanwhile there will be two dozen M3s duking it out with a swarm of souped-up Miatas and hot rod 911s and a couple of Vettes.

  14. Posted by djt

    JTHF is correct but he isn’t specific enough with what about BMW’s is better. BMW has best implemented the tradeoff between ride and handling quality. Handling quality includes being able to sense what the tires are doing; building confidence that the car will react predictably; and instilling the notion that the controls linearly affect the dynamics of the car. BMW, at least in the past, has the magic formula that no one has been able to match. It’s a subtle thing that isn’t apparent on the street. Which is why most people don’t actually need it.
    And, TJ food does not taste like what the package says – the taste is always a little off. I can’t eat their food.
    (track driver of M3 Lightweight)

  15. Posted by lol

    Jimmy, if you follow my post, you’ll notice the timeline I provided. “50 years ago” and “for a while”.
    That was their policy from 60s to the 80s that I followed very closely at the time. Both companies went through their own brand revivals twice already since that day.

  16. Posted by Jimmy the House Flipper

    I had no idea the brand was ever in need of revival. I’ve been a BMW driver since age 19 …
    Although considering defection to the Porsche camp after my rather humbling track day at the Nurburgring. Being passed at over 200 mph by a 911 GT2 RS got my attention.

  17. Posted by TransitFirst

    Oh my! +200 mph cars zooming around seems so old fashioned. BMW vs Porsche is very 1986 .
    Grow some facial hair and get on a single speed bike! BIKES are the future! Cars are now rotting on the junk heap of history.

  18. Posted by moto mayhem

    i agree that TJs has poor quality. there are so many farmers markets in SF these days, the only think you need to buy at the grocery is milk and yogurt. I find the Farmer’s markets cheaper than WF for sure

  19. Posted by moto mayhem

    “Grow some facial hair and get on a single speed bike! BIKES are the future! Cars are now rotting on the junk heap of history.”
    Most of those on the single speed bikes tend to grow bushes instead of facial hair. Single speed cyclists are about the most effiminate group out there

  20. Posted by lol

    The both had their ups and downs like all auto makers. Both got a good reminder of what they stood for once the japanese spun off their own luxury brands. Buyers were not only going for the brand, but higher quality.
    Yup, I admire more the guy climbing 4000 feet on a bike in less than 50 minutes than the ageing bolding fat dude pushing his car pedal to crank up his heart rate without doing any actual physical prowess.

  21. Posted by james jr

    Single speed bikes. PLLLEASE. That’s great until one is 45 or has two kids in tow, or is trying to get home from the grocery store with more than one bag in the rain (thank you paper bag supe voters).
    I agree about a Trader Joe’s would be great.

  22. Posted by EBGuy

    lol said: Both got a good reminder of what they stood for once the japanese spun off their own luxury brands.
    They are now getting a wakeup call from Fremont.
    The Tesla Model S is the best-selling car in eight of the 25 wealthiest ZIP codes in America — outselling the usual crowd of luxury models from BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. From Forbes.

  23. Posted by lol

    Now, electric is nice. But leg power is better. What we need now is roads adapted to that.
    [Editor’s Note: And now back to the development at Fremont and Folsom, the topic at leg hand…]

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