Originally designed by modernist Richard Joseph Neutra, the Twin Peaks home at 49 Hopkins Avenue features panoramic city views and an enclosed 30-foot salt water swimming pool.


And having been purchased for $930,000 in 2004, the one-bedroom home with one bathroom at 49 Hopkins has just been listed as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for $1,475,000.

9 thoughts on “The Neutra Designed Nugget At 49 Hopkins Avenue”
  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that DZinerSF. To further that point, it looks like the pictures chosen for the listing site were selected based upon the artistic quality of the photo versus whether the picture accurately depicts the features of the house. Can we get some real photos?

  2. YES! to both of the above comments! One is blurry and tilted. It looks like a accidental iphone shot. Except I do like the red interior shot. Its giving me a red light special ; )

  3. Went to the open house – there’s a good reason why the interior pics are absent from the listing. Interesting piece of property. The buyer should either remove the pool or make it a central theme of an expanded living space.

  4. At what point can a house, extensively expanded and modified so that little to none of its original appearance remains, still have its design attributed to its original architect? At the very least the listing should make clear that very little of the Neutra design is extant.

  5. So what’s the deal with this place? It’s been in and out of “Pending” twice in the last month, is a contract required to be signed in order to get a walkthrough?

  6. Nice property outside, but no living space inside. Overpriced for 900 sq 1br house. Need lots of work to make some living spaces.

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