The first of the 17 new Mission District condos at the corner of Valencia and 19th Street (3500 Nineteenth Street) has been listed, with 3500 19th Street #203, a two-bedroom with two and one-half baths, one parking space and 1,488 square feet priced at $1,749,000 or $1,175 per foot.


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  1. Posted by lol

    {Jaw drops}
    {Reminisces on a bad kebab meat experience from across the street a few years back. Belch^10}
    {kicks himself for NOT purchasing 1057 Valencia 3 years ago}

  2. Posted by jack

    Yes, I remember 1057 Valencia. It was tenant occupied, and I remember one tenant (with his girlfriend) glaring at people coming to the open house. The listing agent implied that one of the tenants was on verbal lease, owns a property elsewhere in the City and was living off that rental. If I recall, the eventual buyer bought it with help from his family, and is now running a comic/indie music/bike-racing shop from that location.
    Who knew.

  3. Posted by no_ vally

    Crazy price PSF, especially considering the $453 in monthly HOA. If you stacked this up apples to apples vs purchase of a SFH, the $453/mo equates to about $200k in value looking at current pricing on a 5/1 IO ARM…so actual buy-in price is close to $1,300 psf for these condos. As Nina Hatvany pointed out in her article last week, Pac Heights seems to have given up its lock on the high end purchaser.

  4. Posted by 49yo hipster

    I think that price is too rich, they may have to drop.

  5. Posted by AnonFedUp

    Reading this Sunday’s NYTimes about the exodus of the rich in London being displaced by the “very very rich” overseas buyers , I was shocked when the author mentioned that 3 bedroom townhouses in his neighborhood were now 1 million dollars ( not pounds or Euros). As a jaded property owner in SF, I could not help but remark to my partner, “that sounds cheap compared to here!”
    This city and projects like this are now in league with world famous neighborhoods , but I cannot help but wonder, is The Mission really worth $1000 psf!? I think I would take Paris instead.

  6. Posted by Spencer

    with murders happening 2-3 blks away, I would personally be willing to pay about $300/sq ft to live in the mission. But apparently, well heeled elitist trust fund hipsters and techies dont care. definitely intended for the wealthy single male

  7. Posted by John

    These truly will not sell at anywhere close to this level. SF real estate is crazy, but there is crazy and then there is ABSURD.

  8. Posted by momonthego

    can someone (plz) explain to me what’s going on in the edgeless shower? There’s a large shadow on the back wall and I can’t tell what it is. Also there seems to be some hose dangling from under the shower head but again I can’t tell what it is. Looks like it might be a reflection?

  9. Posted by MoneyMan

    When single family homes are going for $600-800 sq. ft. in great neighborhoods like Forest Hill and West Portal, why would you pay $1,147 sf in the Mission for a condo?

  10. Posted by Fishchum

    MoneyMan, if you can’t tell the difference between the likes of West Portal and Forest Hill as it compares to the Mission, then there isn’t any point in answering your question.

  11. Posted by rabbits

    This spot is cool enough to visit for a night out, but at that price wouldn’t you rather be a few blocks west up the hill?

  12. Posted by Pfffttt

    $1.75M next to 16th & Valencia? One of the murder/crime capitols of SF? Lol. Um, good luck with that.

  13. Posted by Lance

    As crazy as things I have gotten, I have to agree that this is overpriced. My guess is $800-850 psft — still steep for this location, but the finishes are nice and it has views.

  14. Posted by Dan

    Who are these people who think 19th and Valencia is a scary place?

  15. Posted by Anon

    These will sell and command record breaking prices. Anyone who says otherwise, does not know what they are talking about.

  16. Posted by 49yo hipster

    ^ this is about $200 PSF over, even for dumb googl-twit-facef*ck money (remember, they’re all about the analytics, except when it comes to RE perhaps.) [Removed by Editor]

  17. Posted by lol

    I am not so sure about that, 49yo potty mouth hipster.
    – New construction – check
    – Valencia corridor – check
    – Condos – check
    – Virtually no other condos for sale on Valencia street 5 blocks up or down – check
    Yes, this is dumb money, and this money can be dumber than you think.

  18. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    If the developer gets their price point then it will be because of the confluence of fresh dumb money and new condo smell.
    As for who thinks that 19th and Valencia is scary: that would be anyone who last set foot at that location more than fifteen years ago. Changes have been vast and hopefully irreversible.

  19. Posted by wc1

    These wont go for any less than 1k /sqft.

  20. Posted by 49yo hipster

    These should be about 1000 PSF; I just think the dev is getting greedy (it’s the vanguard balljack show). Heh, I’m actually listening to Elvis Costello sing…I wanna bite the hand that feeds me…I should be thrilled with these sales prospects, as I own a few condos in the mish meself 🙂
    And yeah, Valencia street = the new marina. But I’m keeping it real on lower 24th street, thank you very much.
    /snark off.

  21. Posted by LivingOutsideOfBubble

    Valencia street IS the new Marina, and is noted by some of these comments as why so many people are now moving to Oakland instead. San Francisco is done as far as I’m concerned.

  22. Posted by anon

    Yeah really 49yohipster, cussing and telling everybody how smart you are for getting in the Mission early in every post gets grating after about 700 posts or so. You used to come off cool on here. Now you’re a friggin doosh. What happon?

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