Having been waylaid by the BART strike, the ground breaking for Phase Two of MacArthur Station, the master-planned Transit-Oriented Development on BART’s former MacArthur Station parking lot in North Oakland, has been rescheduled for Friday, November 15 at 11am.

Once again, Phase Two of the development will consist of 90 apartments at 40th and Telegraph for households with incomes ranging from 30 to 50 percent of the area’s median income.


In total, MacArthur Station will eventually provide a total of 624 new housing units on the 7.76 acre site, of which 516 units will be market rate. In addition, 42,500 square feet of local commercial and retail space will be constructed along with 5,000 square feet of space for community use.


Phase One of the MacArthur Station development was the new 478-space parking garage for BART.


The remaining A, B and C parcels are slated for development over the next eight years.


6 thoughts on “Eight Acre North Oakland Development Set To Break New Ground”
  1. will there be a solution for parking because while you’re doing all of this construction right now, it’s leaving local residents with no place to park their cars? all of the BART passengers are parking in our parking spaces..

  2. If “our parkings spaces” are spaces that you own, then can’t you just have the illegal parkers towed away? If you mean street parking then the solution would be to reduce the parking terms so people cannot park there all day.

  3. Residential Parking Permit districts are being/have been formed in several streets adjacent to the BART station. That avenue is always available to residents to protect “their” parking spaces, but not all adjacent streets have taken advantage of the process.

  4. Watch out Cynthia:
    The Socialist anti-car crowd in San Francisco is trying to spread their grasp to Oakland.
    Fight back.

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