Speaking of Stanley Saitowitz designed homes, having been listed for $6,980,000 sixteen months ago, the five-story Russian Hill house at 1110 Green Street has been listed anew for $5,885,000.
Black slate, etched glass, and floating features abound.

Opinions as to whether or not the modern design “offers a tranquil peaceful atmosphere” and “is awe inspiring to any architectural aficionado” are likely to be nearly as abundant.
∙ Listing: 1110 Green Street (3/2.5) – $5,885,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anon94123

    Wow, that is one brutal facade. I’ve seen less sinister looking off site mechanical enclosures. Is there some fetish he has against trees and shrubs also?

  2. Posted by chitrana

    These saitowitz designs are butt ugly. Maybe rich people think differently than I do–come to think of it, that’s probably why they are rich.

  3. Posted by JWS

    I don’t know, I really like this one, although I’m not sure it ages well.

  4. Posted by pvc


  5. Posted by wrath

    Is there a heliport on the roof or will Emperor Palpatine be entering through the front door?

  6. Posted by james jr

    Dear Wrath:
    Spot on comment. Genius. Can I have your baby?

  7. Posted by Skirunman

    Still overpriced by $1.5M

  8. Posted by EH

    say what you want about the color grey, but didn’t wurster have some similar shapes in his portfolio?

  9. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    The living room definitely reminds me of Victoria and Jack’s tower condo in the recent movie Oblivion.

  10. Posted by BobN

    Is there some fetish he has against trees and shrubs also?
    They wither and die in the harsh environment.

  11. Posted by BobN

    Slate? For $6M, I want jet-black marble.

  12. Posted by bgelldawg

    Good luck getting in and out of that bathtub without seriously hurting yourself.

  13. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I like it. It is a refreshing splash of modernity on a very traditional block. I wish I could see more of the interior.

  14. Posted by sf

    I really like the exterior. Lines do it for me.

  15. Posted by Philip

    reminds me of the SHU at Pelican Bay.

  16. Posted by EBGuy

    For those who like their Saitowitz, check out what he’s doing for student housing on the other side of the Bay. Farms in Berkeley? Moo.

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