The condemned 975 square foot Cow Hollow home which once stood at 3020 Laguna Street was briefly transformed into an installation art piece and exhibition entitled 3020 Laguna St. In Exitum prior to being razed in 2012. And upon the site, a new 3020 Laguna has since risen.
3020 Laguna St. In Exitum []
From Condemned Canvas To Contemporary Cow Hollow Home [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “3020 Laguna Street In Exitum”
  1. Spoiler alert: A bunch of kids from Hayes Valley wander around in an old house making ART until a mysterious stranger shows up wearing a Chipotle uniform. He terrorizes the neighborhood by selling corporate burritos. The kids plot together to form an artisanal defense collective, whose main strategy is to pour $6 lattes onto Chipotle man. This appears to work, until the audience sees the legions of zombies moaning, “No Wall On The Waterfront” led by an undead Art Agnos. As the zombies close in, Gavin Newsom circles overhead in a State of California chopper shouting, “I can’t save you, I barely have enough gas to get back to Marin!” The kids furiously scroll through their iPhones for the beta release of some guy’s anti-zombie app. Alas, the project was never funded. The zombies win.

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