Having already committed $4.5 million to the studies for an envisioned 750-acre “Coliseum City” to rise over in Oakland, with new stadiums and arenas for the Oakland A’s, Raiders, and Golden State Warriors (yes, the Warriors), apparently it’s going to take another year, and possibly another $3 million, to complete the plan.

In the meantime, the Warriors are pushing forward with their plans to relocate to San Francisco and a legal settlement last week has opened the doors for the Oakland A’s to build a new stadium on the 50-acre Howard Terminal site just north of Jack London Square while the A’s owners continue their wranglings with MLB over a desired move to San Jose.

19 thoughts on “Oakland’s Coliseum City Dream, And Spending, Continues On”
  1. I personally love the idea of segregating a whole city of sports fans. As long as it’s not in San Francisco.

  2. Hear, hear. Fine by me to keep the trash, drinking, vomiting, fighting, hoodlums, rednecks etc. all in one place, outside of SF.

  3. @anon, it’s racist, ignorant comments like that, that drives people of color, soul and creativity out of SF.

  4. while I don’t see this happening, it’s a terrible terrible project. This area of Oakland would be ruined, this is an area that doesn’t need such top down forced sterile planning.

  5. This will never happen. The Warriors are gone. The A’s are trying to leave. The Raiders…well I don’t know, maybe they’ll stay around. Regardless, I don’t think Oakland can get its **** together in time to actually pull something like this off.

  6. Everything about this is such a waste. As OMN pointed out the A’s and Warriors are gone (even if the A’s stay in Oakland it won’t be at the Coliseum). That leaves the Raiders (who have nowhere near the kind of a money it will take to build an NFL stadium) and a bunch of new office space to compete with their own downtown. Oakland’s leadership should have much higher priorities than this pipe-dream.

  7. Its Quan trying to pull off a Henry Lee. Next thing you know Oakland will be vying for the Olympics and, horrors, the Americas Cup. Personally for my money she can keep the Warriors if that will make her feel like a real mayor.

  8. It has a street grid. That makes the plan adaptable as needs change. Thanks for the details, Can’t.
    This area of Oakland is especially troubled and in need of development, so this is conceived as helping with that and hopefully bringing this area to life.
    Entertainment uses are being used as a lever here and that is problematic, but the idea is that this will be an integrated extension to the community that can couple with what is there in order to bring the area to life. All this money spent on planning is scary, but good planning can prevent problems later on and the entertainment industry has the kind of deep pockets to fund related expenses and these venues bring in revenue not only from sports but also cultural events.

  9. If they are smart then they have alternate uses shelf-ready to plug into the holes left by the departing teams. Lets hope that the alternative uses is not the standard “big box store shopping center” blight makers.

  10. I like the overall plan, but seems like a big waste of money given that at least 2 out of the 3 teams seem dead set on leaving Oakland.

  11. The 49ers leaving SF and going to Santa Clara is one of the biggest travesties to every happen in the Bay Area, or maybe even the State of California.
    Regardless of what Spin Cycle Mayor Lee says, it’s a complete failure.
    Giants and Niner fans worry about your own f*cking teams!

  12. The Raiders will either wind up in the new 49er’s stadium, or they will move to another city. The team had no allegiance to Oakland in the past and probably doesn’t now. Maybe the owner will decide to sell and cash in.

  13. The Raiders will never play in Santa Clara.
    Money man. Al was promissed luxury boxes by the city and more seats. The city committed breach of contract and Al left and sued the league and won.
    now the league has had it out for AL ever since.
    The Northridge earthquake damaged the stadium so greatly the Raiders were forced to move back to Oakland and Oakland took them back with open arms.
    Now being Oakland and Alameda did a bad business move, that has nothing to do with the team
    The Giants and ATT Park almost had to file bankruptcy in 2007 and 2008 due to outstanding debts for the stadium.
    There was a lot of consentual screwing going on by all parties involved.
    If you actually read the league charter the league charter said every team gets a new stadium, but of course the Raiders are last on the list.

  14. Oh and I forgot to mention the Giants, were sold and gone to St Petersburg Florida before this group came in and bought them.
    Just like how the Kings were sold and gone to Seattle.
    Never let the facts, get in the way of your fiction.

  15. The Giants were not “sold and gone” to anywhere, ditto with the Kings. In both cases, the most important part of the sale (agreement from the other owners) was not completed and was never going to be completed, so neither team was “going” anywhere.

  16. It’s a waste of time and money to worry about the sports angle. It’s not rocket science. Trade height for permanent public amentities (schools etc). Insist (via form based codes etc.)on: high quality public realm, complete neighborhoods and transit oriented principles. Embrace the waterfront. Build with families in mind as a baseline… the rest of the demograhic pie will show up! Oakland has the energy,creativity, and the diversity to become the premier city in the region if it ever decided to get it’s act together (schools etc.). Sorry, SF is resting on it’s laurels, is not passionate about the public realm and seems to becoming LESS diverse. Sorry SJ,being urban (and livable) is nothing more than a quaint notion sometimes marketed to empty nesters and twenty somethings. The silicon valley changed the world and generated extraordinary wealth… but you would never know it by just looking at public realm.

  17. Downtown Oakland like Howard Terminal area would be the best spot not for the A’s, but for the Warriors. It would already help an improving Downtown/Uptown Oakland area. You can connect with the Berkeley, S.F and San Rafeal crowd because you will be closer it gives it a nice port feel and probably would save Jack London square, however there is cost.
    If the Warriors have to foot the bill, Oakland will need to pay for infrusctrure, a bridge or bridges over the rail road tracks will be a MUST. Also, how do you get AC transit and other bus systems to connect from Bart to Howard Terminal? That should not come from the Warriors expense. Oakland is still going to need to help pay for this project as well as keeping the Raiders happy and working with them on a new stadium.
    Oakland has a chance but we cannot be anti-business, even for sports, or else all this is a waste of time.

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