Snuggled up against the modern Saitowitz designed synagogue out in the Richmond, 1325 Clement has been taken down to the studs and modernized as well, but without foregoing its Edwardian roots, style, and sense of warmth.
The vintage hayloft barn out back has been remodeled too (“additional space for a home office, guest suite, or au-pair unit”), but remains unwarranted as legal living space.
Atop the house, the master suite opens to another private deck:

The master bath has been outfitted with heated floors, dual sinks, and a tiled shower.
And while not yet listed, 1325 Clement is now on the market and asking $1,795,000.
∙ Listing: 1325 Clement (3/2) – $1,795,000 [1325clement.com]
Saitowitz Scores With The Critics (But Not With Those Next Door) [SocketSite]

12 thoughts on “A Modern Edwardian Makeover And Urban Hayloft Barn And”
  1. What do all the experts think this would be in Noe? $3 million; $3.5 million; closer to $4 million. It is very nice looking.

  2. Very interesting. I can’t figure out the rhyme or reason as to what gets posted on the site anymore, but thanks for bringing this one to the forefront. I’ve stated earlier that I think this part of the Richmond will start to develop. Clement is slowly pushing west with quality shops and has become quite interesting. They now have a farmers market that is getting positive reviews. I’m very curious to see where this closes. My guess is that it goes over asking and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this get competitive.
    Redfin has this listed at 2250 sqft and I assume this is not including the barn. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go up to $2M or north. If it were Noe I’d say $2.6+, but the finishes here show some restraint in confidence. I wish the developers went a little bigger on the finishing touches. The only knock I guess is the no yard aspect of the property. There are quite a few projects along Lake St and Clement past 14th Ave so I’m curious to see how this holds up and impacts the region. A strong sale price could prove just the incentive developers need to start investing in this area.
    This area is sort of like the lower east side in NYC that was overlooked for many years and then got very trendy / hip as other areas of the city became prime.
    Good luck to all.

  3. I live on 3rd and Cornwall. Clement between arguello and 5th is multicultural, very nice and boutiquey and often overlooked. It gets different after 5th. I think the neighborhood between clement and lake and arguello to 5th, border presidio hts, and the actua presidio is one of the nicest in the city. The value is also better but changinging quickly.

  4. @eddy –
    I am always interested to see your comments on these projects. You and sparky*b always seem to be thoughtful and informed.
    I like this area as well – from Clement to Lake, between Park Presidio and Lincoln Park (North Outer Richmond? – NORMONDY!). Argonne, Alamo, and Lafayette are excellent public elementary choices, and neighborhood applicants seem to do well in the lottery. Restaurants on Clement, walk to Baker Beach, run in the Presidio, easy parking, etc..
    I have nothing to do with this Clement Street remodel, but I am curious what finishes look like ‘restraint in confidence’ to you. To me, the light fixtures and some of the kitchen choices look a little less expensive. What else?
    I think a decent recent comp is 262 24th ave that listed at 1.695 and traded at 1.875. It was not a remodel per se, but in good shape and well staged. I think 1325 Clement goes over ask, but under 2mm.
    If the listing agent is following along – it might be helpful for the photo gallery to distinguish between the barn and the house. Which interiors are from the barn?
    Cool property. Good luck to all.

  5. It’s all subtle that adds up to a feel. Appliances, faucets, counter tops, ‘fancy looking tile’ backslash but doesn’t feel like annsacks quality and it has an awkward finish / termination. The place looks great but there are a few things I would have done different. I don’t think there are any pics of the barn from what I can see of the pics. I’d add those, plus a garage pic and where is the laundry area?

  6. What Soccermom said regarding Eddy and Sparky*b, I look forward to their comments and professional insight as well. Very nice project in a great but overlooked part of town.

  7. Would like to know which photos are from the interior of the barn.
    There aren’t many SFH’s under 2mm, but I’m just not a fan of that neighborhood and being that close to traffic coming off of Park Presidio. While I like parts of inner Clement, that means walking across Park Presidio and 10+ blocks. Your local neighborhood here is really Geary.

  8. I disagree that your local neighborhood “is really Geary.” Clement is vibrant in two sections: in the Inner Richmond area that everyone knows with Burma Superstar, Giorgio’s etc. and then Clement St. gets vibrant again close to 20th Ave with restaurants, and great local businesses. As another poster mentioned, the outer section of Clement is getting even better.
    Plus, you have the always-popular Angelina’s on 22nd and California St., Baker Beach, China Beach, Ocean Beach, trick-or-treating in Sea Cliff, everything that Golden Gate Park has to offer, and lots of recently renovated playgrounds nearby.
    Geary is useful for express buses, services, and shops but most people only walk on Geary when they have to.
    Overall, it’s a fantastic spot for families. If you have a bike or enjoy walking, even better.

  9. OK, I’m coining a new phrase. MainiSF Destiny. Let the march towards the outer richmond and sunset commence. The fire has officially jumped Park Presidio.
    On this place in particular, I did manage to drive by, but never got inside. The exterior was not that great so I had tempered my expectations on price. Apparently this did not stop the others. This is a bit of a head turner and a surprising outcome.

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