Having physically broken ground last week, the ceremonial groundbreaking for Tishman Speyer’s 655-unit development at 201 Folsom Street takes place this afternoon.

As part of the groundbreaking ceremony, the name for the Bernardo Fort-Brescia designed development will be announced. With Tishman’s Infinity across the street, we’re wondering if they considered “Beyond.”

12 thoughts on “The Development Known As 201 Folsom To Be Named This Afternoon”
  1. Along with some good SCOTUS news, great article in the NY Times about Chinese participation in the US property market this morning:
    “First, it was the Japanese. Moneymen from Tokyo blew into the United States to buy famous pieces of the American landscape, from Rockefeller Center in New York to the Pebble Beach Golf Links in California.
    Now, about a quarter-century later, another set of deep-pocketed foreign buyers is pushing ever deeper into United States real estate: the Chinese.
    Undaunted by Japan’s real estate misadventures in the 1980s — some Japanese investors wildly overpaid for United States property, and Japan eventually suffered one of the biggest property market collapses in history — Chinese investors are fanning out in the United States.”
    This as we also read about the Chinese domestic lending system gradually falling apart. Asian investors sweep in to buy prime US real estate while their own overheated system implodes.
    I’m going with Faulkner Towers: “The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past.”
    [Editor’s Note: Don’t forget, China Vanke is the co-developer of 201 Folsom and the majority stakeholder in the project.]

  2. soccermom, sounds like you’ve been to Shanghai and it’s different this time.
    Heard a rumor the name would be Lumina or something like that.

  3. Love how the rendering bears almost no resemblance to what’s really there. Looks like Orange County.

  4. Renderings are to show the building in its entirety in a semi-realistic setting, putting the bigger buildings around it will block the view of the whole structure. This is pretty fair and commonplace…

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