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The remodeled Lower Pacific Heights home at 1705 Broderick Street, two doors down from the Full House façade at 1709 Broderick, was purchased for $2,800,000 near the end of 2007. Two months ago, the remodeled 2,648 square foot Victorian returned to the market listed for $2,895,000.

By most accounts and measures, home values in Pacific Heights last peaked in early 2008 and bottomed at the end of 2011, falling 15 to 20 percent between.

Yesterday, the sale of 1705 Broderick closed escrow with a reported contract price of $2,865,000, one percent under asking but two percent over its 2007 price.

5 thoughts on “Back Near The Heights (And Full House Façade) On Broderick”
  1. The most surprising thing here is that 2 people, 5 years apart, felt that buying a $3M home on Broderick between Bush and Pine was a good idea. These areas continue to improve but lower PH is still a long way from becoming a super residential / kid friendly place. But I’m glad to see the market is strong enough to hold these homes up. Great houses and very San Francisco. Congrats to all.

  2. I disagree Eddy. I lived across the street from this house for 6 years. That specific block of Broderick is great and very desirable (the other side of Bush is a different story). Beautiful Victorians on that side of the street. Bush and Pine are busy streets for sure, but Broderick is quite quiet. I have kids and found the neighborhood very kid friendly. There is easy access to parks and commercial streets and the JCC.

  3. There was one a couple of doors down that sold for $4mm (or maybe just below) a couple of years ago. It was a pretty dramatic renovation, and added quite a lot of square footage to it.
    I live on that block. Probably 200 people a day come by to take their picture in front of the Full House facade… pretty funny, considering it was never used for anything other than a single establishing shot. Doubtful the cast even went there once (except Bob Saget just recently).

  4. No doubt these are very lovely homes. Very “San Francisco” is a high compliment. However, Bush and Pine are basically expressways and there are not as many open public spaces are there are in PH, Marina, etc… Its much more dense in this part of town. Personally, I’m very excited that these homes continue to trade at high values.

  5. Bush and Pine are basically freeways! I live on Pine, and wonder whether that will ever change… Pretty much every other city that has timed lights has them flash red after a certain hour, and has weights/axle limits on residential streets. If the residents of Bush/Pine pushed for changing those, property values would rise dramatically.
    I’ve heard the traffic plan had to do in part with the neighborhood having dangerous street life in the ’60s (from an older resident). It makes no sense, as Geary and California are designed as more major streets, but California, at least, has much less volume of traffic.
    That block is surprisingly quiet, and the houses tend to be configured for living space in the back.
    Parks? Seriously? Alta Plaza? Presidio branch library/Presidio… and there’s some random park made from a vacant lot right there that no one ever visits.

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