The five thousand square foot Victorian at the corner of Waller and Masonic was built in 1908 with an alabaster staircase leading up to an ornate front porch. And while likely not designed to be lit up at the time, lights now shine through the translucent stairs at night.
Call it San Francisco’s original Saturday Night Fever staircase:

And if you’d like to dance up the steps every night, 1303 Waller, the two-bedroom with original details and a renovated kitchen on the third floor is on the market for $878,000.
∙ Listing: 1303 Waller (2/1) 1,334 sqft – $878,000 [1303waller.com]

7 thoughts on “Victorian Era Disco Steps: Can You Feel The Fever?”
  1. How funny – When I was a kid we had good friends who rented the second floor here for ages. Stairs didn’t light up back then – I would have remembered that!

  2. Sure, let’s remodel the kitchen to match a trendy piece of furniture that does not come with the purchase of the property.

  3. I bought that same table in a garage sale many years ago for about $7. It is actually a pretty high quality piece. Formica is a great material, too bad it is out of fashion.
    HDR a bit too overdone on that curb view photo.

  4. Love the staircase. I hope this becomes a trend for more houses in the area. Now I need to drive by at night and see it for myself.

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