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With the construction of 45 Lansing underway across the street, the owner of 525 Harrison Street which currently houses the Factory club is quietly navigating Planning’s waters with plans to raze the building and build a 16-story residential tower in its place.

The early plans call for 184 units over a four-story basement garage “for up to 280 vehicles,” at least 96 more parking spaces than San Francisco’s Planning Code allows. A 2,520 square foot ground-floor commercial space along Harrison Street would either be used for retail or a leasing office if the building were to go the rental route.

As always, we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

9 thoughts on “Rincon Hill Scoop: Plans For 184 Condos Versus The Factory Club”
  1. Getting dense around there!
    I hope the Auto Spa detail shop stays in the area. They do great work.

  2. I do love how all these buildings are going up, but I live in the area and they have shut down all the sidewalks. Nto complaining, but you’d think they’d take out parking lanes or something during construction and build some pedestrian walkways. These are large blocks to walk around!

  3. I’m all for density, but is this the only area in the city zoned for it? SOMA is loaded with crappy buildings and parking lots, and yet much of the new development is clustered around the freeway which, let’s face it, is a sucky area.
    Too bad they can’t put these in other parts of town that would benefit from more residents.

  4. Are you saying that there are blocks where the sidewalk is closed, but adjacent street parking remains RoundTheBlock ? That seems wrong. They should be temporarily eliminating parking and using that space as a temp walkway instead. Now if both sidewalk and parking are closed I can understand that.

  5. @The Milkshake – Yup, they literally have signs all over the place that say “Sidewalk Closed” between 1st and 2nd on Harrison, between 1st and Fremont on Harrison, and I don’t want to cross like five times to go one block. I mean, whoa is me, I get it. Just not a fun neighborhood to walk in right now…

  6. “Are you saying that there are blocks where the sidewalk is closed, but adjacent street parking remains”
    No. There are sides of some streets where the sidewalk is closed for Transbay construction, forcing you to walk across the street. But there is no parking on those sections either.

  7. up it to 300 and we have a winner. condos at the entrance to the 7th highest traffic congestion in the US ! Yea, I’ buy that

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