41 South Park

Hidden behind a traditional San Francisco façade, 41 South Park which is technically a two-unit building was rebuilt and remodeled in a rather non-traditional fashion last year.

41 South Park Kitchen

An “ultra-gourmet” kitchen now overlooks the dining room with a double height ceiling from which the swings, not chairs, that surround the dining room table are hung:

41 South Park Swings

A media room with wet bar (i.e., the kitchen for the “second unit”) graces the ground floor.

41 South Park Media Room

Atop the building, a new rooftop terrace with spa discretely overlooks South Park.

41 South Park Terrace

And with five bedrooms, four and one-half baths, two parking spaces and a pre-renovated 3,600 square feet, 41 South Park has hit the market swinging for $7,650,000.

73 thoughts on “41 South Park: Swinging For $7.65 Million (And Inside As Well)”
  1. Someone needs to use that for the set of an action movie – opening scene is of a couple arguing about whether to pay the designer for that hare-brained idea; final fight scene has the hero using the swings as trapezes and climbing ropes and ends with the bad guys dangling up-side-down from the ceiling.
    It’d be awesome.

  2. I like it a lot, and at the same time I could never live there. I enjoy the design and the integrated artwork and finishes, but the kitchen location and the fact that I could never keep it so pristine just turn me off. I do like how they staged it with the white furniture and that drum set. Someone will be very happy there.

  3. The anti-modern/minimalist contingency is going to absolutely shred this place apart. However, this is one of those rare occasions that I have to partially agree with them. As a piece of installation art, this living space is impressive, but as an actual space to live in they would have been better off installing slings instead of swings. At least slings would have better fit the motif of the rest of the house.

  4. It looks like it was staged with leftover pieces from the SNL skit of euro-trash Nuni and Nuni.
    Nothing about this place looks inviting or comfortable. Not a soft surface anywhere. It actually reminds me of the Holocaust musuem-same architect?
    Will never get anywhere near asking.

  5. Final score –
    Form: 74
    Function: 3
    Form advances to the playoffs where it faces Flamboyance next week.

  6. Oh cmon….this is just ridiculous.
    It would be a great movie set though. An absurdist comedy where an affected haute style couple are visited by their Podunk in-laws for the weekend. Much hilarity ensues as Aunt Betty and Uncle George cautiously try to sit down to dinner, only to end up on their backsides on the floor.
    Or a kink.com film, but in that case, I agree…slings would be better than swings.

  7. Those swings are asinine, and should be utterly embarrassing for the designer. I do quite like the purple courtyard and the metal railing in the kitchen, though.

  8. The name dropping about each and every product used in the construction is boring and arrogant.
    This is an art piece, for what it’s worth. Hard to live in but great to look at.
    The swings are ridiculous.
    The architects/designers know how to throw around attitude, but no little about exceptional residential design.
    Price? not a chance.

  9. All the people that complain, loudly, on socketsite about why planning discourages dwelling unit mergers, I like that policy on the grounds that it at least supplies some countervailing force to reduce the incidence of monstrosities like this one being foisted on the marketplace by interior designers who have nothing more productive to do with their time.
    I have no doubt that the buyer will gut this interior substantially shortly after closing, if they indeed want to live in this place.

  10. Maybe someone didn’t get a room at the Showcase and instead felt the need to express their creative side on this one. This really does look like something that would be a throw-away design for the camera; but not to live in long term.
    South Park is pretty hot so I wouldn’t discount the price too much. What was the combined price of those two lofts a few years ago. They were awesome. Too lazy to look them up…

  11. Agreed w/futurist
    Blah + Blah by Such & Such for WhatsHisName (Italy)
    Blah + Blah by Such & Such for Whatshisname (Finland)
    Blah + Blah by Such & Such for Whatshisname (Italy)
    Blah + Blah by Such & Such for Whatshisname (Italy)

  12. I vote for an episode of Californication filming here. See Hank hook with one of his ladies on the swings before getting caught by her boyfriend and running around the table fist fighting!
    Would be hilarious!

  13. Love the conditions they impose on the agents:
    “each agent ( selling side and listing side ) is to contribute $5000 to the South Park Association fund at close of escrow.”
    I’m guessing they mean the South Park Improvement Association.
    Also, complaint from a neighbor during renovation:
    “gutting the house, throw debris into the truck at front and onto the sidewalk. It might contain lead/asbestos.”

  14. Dear realtor.
    1. Are you effing serious?
    2. If this is so damn exceptional, then why aren’t the names of the designers/architects/decorators/rag pickers listed?

  15. Some nice elements, some completely ridiculous, most prominently the price, closely followed by the swing set dining room…

  16. Love this house.
    Might add backs to the swings, but otherwise they are awesome (and practical too — easy to sweep up underneath).
    formerly%whatever’s idea for a pulley for dishes and food is genius.

  17. Whether or not we share the same aesthetic views, homes like this push the envelope away from the same, tired, buildings we see go up in the city every day. I, for one, definitely welcome it. Anyone check out that railing? It’s a damn masterpiece…

  18. San Francisco has officially jumped the shark. I’m gonna move … just can’t take it seriously anymore.

  19. regardless of the aesthetic, the ask is >$7 million for ~3600 sqft on one of the darkest lots with perhaps the least view on South Park
    I’ve been a neighbor for more than 20 years, and this is the most outrageous pricing I’ve seen

  20. This is not “pushing” the envelope with regard to residential design.
    This is ego enhancement, product placement and utter lack of understanding as to how a liveable house could be.
    The railing is hardly a masterpiece; it’s probably just a laser cut black metal series of panels.
    Big whoop.

  21. In the 16th episode of South Park, “Chickenlover” Kenny falls off of a swing, and yet he does not die.

  22. Simply brilliant!
    For all of the ‘me too’ efforts that pass for staging, this space/building is staged amazingly.
    I love the location and I like the renovation, the price and the swings not so much but it’s different and makes you think twice.
    Great effort, good luck to all involved.

  23. Well…a rusty pick up truck with a naked hippie smoking dope in the front seat is different too.
    But that’s at least worth thinking twice about.

  24. Sale price $1.3 million. COE 5/12/2011. It looks like there may have been a seller loan for $1 million. The property was not on the MLS.

  25. Weird, even futurist doesn’t like this place. I do. It is like a modern art museum that you can live in. You should ignore the staging furniture, which is all painted white. It is a nice touch but is perhaps distracting you from the actual house. The swings are an inspired touch, not sure how practical they would actually be.
    The price is out of this world, but everything nice is right now. How did they combine the units? That is what I would like to know.

  26. based on the comments and photos above, I thought I would hate it. then I clicked through to the gallery – it is stunning!
    I love the floors and both the plumbing and lighting fixtures. the floorplan seems great too, and the staging is inspired. very well done on all counts.
    I agree the swings are silly and the price seems about $2M too high, but who knows in this market. eddy seemed to suggest they have a shot, and eddy’s track record is impressive.

  27. My comment on price should be taken lightly here. Don’t know this area here but I do love this very unique slice of the city. How many SFHs front South Park? This is a pretty rare commodity, I think. Can’t blame them for swinging for the fences and maybe they find a buyer here. The one issue I have is that someone with 7m to burn might wish for a bit more privacy. But let’s be honest, even at 5m this would be a grand slam. Sort of reminds me of the Noe firehouse pricing debacle.

  28. Wow, I really really like this house! The exterior colors are beautiful. The railings are exquisite. Great location (cept for the bums). Would love to have a house like this.

  29. How did this sell for only $1.3 in 2011? Two vacant units in a 2 unit bldg on South Park. I’m fascinated by this place.

  30. I didn’t see a picture of the two story walk-in master shower with the roll a way skylight in the photos. Or one of the roll a way skylight in the main stairwell.
    The place is awesome.

  31. My kids would think that we had the coolest house in the world if we had swings around our table.

  32. So, uh, no one has mentioned the unique staging of the bedroom in the middle of the upper level. If you thought the swings were a bit naughty…

  33. Fun to look at but separating the kitchen from the dining room by a flight of stairs is terrible design. Insult to injury, refrigerator is as far away from the stairs as is possible. Want another beer or bottle of wine? Up the stairs, across the kitchen and back down the stairs by which time you might need another…

  34. After cycling through the photos on their website several times I must say that they do not express the feeling one gets of the actual interior/ exterior space. They don’t capture the sounds or the light or the contextual play of the finishes against both.
    I had a chance to view the property and frankly I find it stunning. This single family home must be experienced in person to appreciate all the details, both inside and outside.
    The place to me is about the light, the air and the setting.
    The two story sliding doorwall in the dinning room expands the living space into the private outdoor rear yard. And given that South Park gets some of the best weather in San Francisco it will most likely remain open most of the time. The lot is unique in that it’s deeper than most which affords a large private rear yard. No other lot on South Park is like it.
    The large skylight in the main stairwell captures the sounds of the city and pulls the sound into the house when opened. The house feels very much outdoors. Especially that two story shower in the Master Bathroom with the rolling skylight,which opens up completely to the sky. Sorry, I’m stuck on that shower being open to the sky.
    Several vacant lots have sold for over $1 million plus dollars each in the past few years. There are 44 lots surrounding South Park. Several are double or triple and most contain commercial or multifamily buildings. I can only think of three homes on South Park that might qualify as single family. Actually each one of those have a small commercial space on the ground floor. And if placed on the market today each one would be priced equally to this one. They might even be priced higher.
    Those on this website that hate 41 South Park will most likely continue to hate it. Those that have not actually seen it but choose to criticize it will most likely remain critical.
    As for those that think that these properties turn quickly…well we are still waiting for them come to market. Today there is one unit on the market next to the Shell station….poor location. I would be willing to bet it sells for over $1000 a foot. Nothing for sale on the park directly other than 41SP. One new building with two units under construction that will come to market next year…maybe. That is if they don’t get presold before they are finished.
    And the chairs in the dinning room, well they certainly got everyone’s attention and heck I’d be swinging from the rafters too if this place sells for the asking price….lol

  35. – dining room swings = stupid and uncomfortable
    – kitchen not on same floor as dining = stupid and tiresome
    – no insulation with open floor joists = stupid and loud
    – price = stupid and no way

  36. this place is breathtaking… im assuming the commenters who are hating on it have never been inside. just me- that shower was awesome!
    skirun-those joists are below the roof level, away from the deck portion. they just used rigid insulation on that part I would assume.
    did anyone else see the “staged” car in the garage? amazing.

  37. Looks like SIA CONSULTING CORP was the architect. I can see why realtors would like it, flashy and a big commission when they sell it to a client and again six months later when their client gets tired of living there and they sell it to someone else…

  38. “Looks like SIA CONSULTING CORP was the architect. ”
    “I can see why realtors would like it, flashy and a big commission when they sell it to a client and again six months later when their client gets tired of living there and they sell it to someone else…”
    Uh huh. Everyone who likes it is a realtor, the person who buys it must be stupid, and general cynicism.
    Just lame realtor bashing, no insight, and nothing to say.
    Here’s an idea. Go view it, then form an actual opinion. Wow. How novel.

  39. “assuming the commenters who are hating on it have never been inside…those joists are below the roof level, away from the deck portion.”
    Exposed joists above the kitchen/dining room are on the second floor, right below the big bedroom/bathroom not below the roof level. Right?

  40. I think that the veneers and the railwork is exquisite. The floors are a bit rough and the lack of mouldings will eventually be a dirt and dust trap but overall it’s beautiful. Maybe the swings will prevent the dinner guests from getting too drunk. That’s one way to economize if cash flow gets tight.

  41. The other great thing about this place is that the new owner, at ask, will be paying 90K/yr in property taxes, which is 75K more than the building would have brought at its last selling price of 1.3M.
    There are thousands of dumpy two-unit buildlings waiting for the touch of fairy godmother’s wand and then the city’s financial problems will be over and we can all live happily ever after.

  42. Love South Park and lived and worked there for many years. Toured this place on the opening night and it felt more like a museum or gallery opening than an open house. Overall very cool, but as a livable home?…
    – quality of finishes
    – exterior facade
    – unique/different to many other properties
    – roof terrace
    – sky lights
    – South Park
    – master suite, especially the shower!
    – price point is way too high IMHO, although difficult to comp
    – listed as 5 bed, but is only really usable as a 2 bed
    – bad location on South Park in terms of light and more importantly the neighbors on both sides
    – lack of usable outdoor space
    – swings are a little silly – trying a bit too hard maybe?

  43. “Here’s an idea. Go view it, then form an actual opinion. Wow. How novel.”
    If you don’t think the photos and floor plans on the website offer enough information to form an actual (?) opinion, get pissy with the realtor, not me. I like the high-end concept. I don’t like the execution, it’s flawed.
    I spent a lot of time going over the website before forming my opinion and seem to understand the layout/flaws better than “bg” who has been inside but might have been too busy having his/her breath taken away to notice.

  44. @bg There is a lot about this house that I do like, but the plans show the exposed joists above the dining room are right below the master bedroom and hallway. From the pics these look like the structural floor joists as I can see the Simpson joist hangers. I could be wrong…
    No way to get good sound separation with that assembly and at this price point I would not expect to hear someone walking down the hallway above when I’m eating dinner. You need sound deadening insulation like Roxul, ideally two layers of 5/8″ sheetrock (green glue a plus) hung from clips, and ideally glued down hardwood floors using Sika system.

  45. The swings are just part of the staging. They only account for ~0.015% of the total cost and probably not even 5% of the total staging budget. But they make a big splash and create buzz. Well played.
    I hope the buyer keeps the swings for a while just for the novelty. Though relatively cheap it would be a waste to just dump them immediately. Personally I’d feel a little “on edge” dining belly up to a glass tabletop while childhood memories of high velocity swinging surface.
    And wouldn’t be a little embarrassing if at the dinner party your heaviest guest stretched the cables and sunk chin-to-table?

  46. It appears that you have the option of holding onto the swing ropes, or holding onto eating utensils at the swing seated dining table, but maybe not both at the same time.
    I must admit it has been several presidents since I last sat on a swing myself, but as I recall you either held on tight to the ropes or braced your feet on the ground with the seat arched back behind you, or 5 feet or so away from the table in this instance. At thgis table you can look but you can’t eat.
    Perhaps the appropriate name designer dog food bowls so one could hold on, lean over to squat aqnd gobble and not fall off?

  47. So it’s about “making a splash and creating buzz”?
    I had no idea. 🙂
    Too much to ask to create meaningful, liveable architecture that does not pander to product placement and wacky egos?
    More dumbing down of modern society.
    Definitely NOT well played.

  48. ^ exactly the definition of the targeted audience: German architects and Swedish revolutionaries.
    (I stole this expression from a recent and very appropriate post from soccermom)

  49. The reason I said that this staging was “well played” wasn’t that I thought it was good architecture. Rather I meant that it was good marketing. The market is very narrow for an unusual high priced property. So if you’re looking for buyers who crave the unique, put a kiddie swingset in the dining room. It is like a beacon for wealthy narcissists who project hipness.

  50. The realtor shilling is always a blast to read on here. Just come out and say you’re the realtor; it’s OK.

  51. Eating while sitting in a swing would be very frustrating. The suspension cables would always be in the way or your arms. Whoever came up with this is a tooooool.

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