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Assuming that the proposed Hayes Valley development at 344 Fulton is approved and the Boys & Girls Club makes the move, a reader wonders what’s to become of the Club’s old clubhouse over at 1950 Page Street in the Haight.

While nothing formal has been pitched nor yet proposed to Planning, the developer of 344 Fulton has been exploring options for “maximizing the property within the context of a [potential] market-rate development” at 1950 Page.

Zoned for residential development and 40 feet in height, exploratory drawings have been drafted for a four-story building with up to 59 units and parking for residents either at grade or underground.

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4 thoughts on “The Plans For 1950 Page: From Kids Club To Condos In The Haight?”
  1. Assuming it’s well designed, this would be a great addition to the neighborhood (I am a neighbor). Residents could walk to the Whole Foods around the corner.

  2. I’m hesitantly optimistic as a neighbor and an architect. I definitely think we could use the housing, and hope it’s well-designed, though if they don’t do enough to offset increased parking demand, it could really make the neighborhood a pain in the ass to live in as someone who needs to drive and lives in a garage-less apartment.
    Also, I have doubts as to it getting approved. I seem to recall that at one point, the Whole Foods was supposed to have below-ground parking and several floors of residential above?
    [Editor’s Note: The 690 Stanyan Project Scoop: Scaled Back To An Interior Gutting.]

  3. yeah, considering the hew and cry from residents over the condo/whole foods combo that ended up with keeping a surface parking lot and ultimately a smaller whole foods than proposed. I won’t be surprised if the same nimby’s come out against this.
    Of course considering the high demand for housing in SF at the moment it would be ridiculous not to add to the housing stock (of course it was ridiculous not to add to the housing stock then either IMHO)

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