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According to a plugged-in tipster, members of the Falun Gong have just paid $6.9 million for the Boys & Girls Club building at 1950 Page Street. The 32,000 square foot recreation center is one block from Haight Street and a building away from Golden Gate Park.


As we first reported last year, the property is zoned for residential development up to 40 feet in height, roughly 10 feet higher than the existing building, and exploratory drawings had been drafted for a four-story building with up to 59 condos to rise on the site.

No word on whether the Falun Gong has any plans to redevelop the site or will keep the gym, pool and clubhouse space in place as a center for members of the movement.

5 thoughts on “Falun Gong Buys Boys & Girls Club Building On Page For $6.9M”
  1. These Falun Gong people really freak me out. A couple of years ago they
    parachuted into my neighborhood and opened this Fei Tian art school. They have
    been sending flyers to SFUSD schools and even offering free shuttle to bring kids to their facility. Many parents probably are thinking “Chinese culture good. I want to send my kid to learn Chinese language and culture” without aware of their religious background.
    US is a free country. And you guy have a lot of money. So do whatever you want. All I ask is do it openly and don’t hide you religious affiliation in stealth mode. And please don’t pretend to be bearer of Chinese culture. I don’t want to associate Chinese with a cult group.

  2. I thought they were for freedom of religion, and getting jailed by Chinese government. What exactly is cult about it? Meaning what can be actually documented, not political chatter. Asking sincere question here. Have nothing to do with Falun Gong.

  3. In my view, they are cultish in the sense they are extremely passionated about their believe beyond reasonable social standard. What is it about Falun Gong that make it so important to its followers? I don’t know. Partly it is due to my ignorance. Partly there just doesn’t seems to be anything of substance. It is just the similar kind of folk religion, something to do with healing and curing disease, that you have seen across different culture and different time. In other words, there is always a great demand for snake oil and there are always sellers to meet their need.
    This view is reflect in the phenomenon of this annual Shen Yun performance you should have noticed. I have no idea about this show’s artistic value. What make it so standout is the overwhelming amount of promotion. You will see its poster blanket every outlet in San Francisco and they have taken out full page ad on the newspaper. Basically I think they have put in 10 times more promotion compare to the next cultural performance. The only explanation is the fervor of their followers. What is in the show that makes it so important? It is basically the most phenomenal performance in the world ever, according to their own promotion material. I have not heard any review from an independent source. And did I mention stealthless? It was portrait as a cumulation of “5,000 years of Chinese culture” without disclosing it is fully backed Falun Gong. Now a folk religion group that arise in the 80s is proclaim to be the bearer of Chinese culture. That gives me creepy feeling.
    Whatever the Chinese government do to them is red herring to me. I support religious freedom and they are free to do what they want in US. I judge them solely on their merit. And I want my family to be left alone from they followers.

  4. As far as I know Falun Gong is not for healing. There are quiet some confusing messages and information out there.

  5. @panda, what is it about from you understanding then?
    Here is some testimonial of how Falun Gong cure cancer, via Google translate.
    “When I went to the hospital for the first three months of inspection results is cancer disappeared! … I have been doing before chemotherapy, then I practice Falun Gong Lian Well, doctors feel that this is really amazing.”
    You can find lots of testimonials of their miraculous healing power in Epoch Times. You have to look in the Chinese site though. The English version is much tamer and resemble regular publications.

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