Preliminary labor force counts for San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties peg the current unemployment rates at 6.9%, 5.8% and 6.3% respectively, up 0.4 points from December to January in San Francisco and up 0.3 points in Marin and San Mateo.
As the size of San Francisco’s labor force increased by 2,800 to 481,600 in January, the number of employed city dwellers increased by 800 to 447,800 while the number of unemployed increased by 2,100 to 33,000.
Employment in San Francisco is currently up by 20,100 workers on a year-over-year (YOY) basis versus 19,800 the month before but remains 16,900 workers below a December 2000 dot-com peak (at which point the unemployment rate measured 3 percent).
The unadjusted unemployment rate in California ticked up to 10.4% in January as the labor force increased by 61,200, employment fell by 60,400, and the number of unemployed increased by 121,300.
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3 thoughts on “San Francisco Employment Ticks Up In 2013 (As Does Unemployment)”
  1. How many people are illegally employed in SF?
    Oh that’s right, it’s not illegal to be illegal in the 7×7.

  2. so people are looking for jobs? what is the story here? overall economic improvement in the bay area or ??? by all accounts things are getting better so I’m assuming the former, but this missive does little to clarify.

  3. Jake, yes, I think that’s the answer. When the economy gets better, discouraged workers re-enter the labor force and you can therefore have BOTH more employment and more unemployment. Our system only counts people who are employed or are actively looking for employment as part of the labor force.

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