2666 Broadway

Originally designed by William Wurster and purchased in great shape for $4,700,000 in November of 2011, the Pacific Heights home at 2666 Broadway has been rebuilt over the past sixteen months and has just returned to the market touting “Modernist Design with Distinctive Artisan Finishes,” priced at $11,250,000 ($2,271 per square foot).


The Oak floors were imported from Germany, the glass enclosed pantry features its own delicatessen refrigerator, and the top floor features a newly “deconstructed” fireplace:


And speaking of artisan finishes, other than the powder room which is walled in American Oak planks, the bathroom walls are finished in Tadelakt, a nearly waterproof lime plaster and the traditional coating of the hammams and bathrooms of the riads in Morocco.


UPDATE: The floor plans for the property, the “cottage” is above the garage:

2666 Broadway Floor Plans

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by StGeorge

    most of the bathroom walls are Tadalakt, “an ancient form of making limestone using plaster, calcium, earth pigments and minerals which is incredibly labor intensive and almost waterproof.”
    Seriously? $2,271 per square foot labor intensive…?

  2. Posted by curmudgeon

    I scream inside when I see that off kilter kitchen island.

  3. Posted by BobN

    “Making limestone”? I think you mean faking limestone.

  4. Posted by momonthego

    @curmudgeon — AGREE!
    list place was built for an Artist. Don’t know how many are out there in this price range.
    Wood. I sense we are in the midst of a huge ’70’s revival with the use of exposed wood in interiors. This house is the tipping point. That is all.

  5. Posted by Denis

    This house looks like it was custom made for the current owner, which doesn’t usually translate into a quick sale. It’s a bit too taste specific. Mid-century modern homes w/views in D7 are pretty rare, and in high demand; but this is almost too custom to appeal to a wide variety of young, wealthy buyers. Still, I was wrong about the tower of Barad-Dur selling on Green, so who knows..

  6. Posted by jlasf

    If you rebuild the fireplace into a less …umm…modern style,
    would that be a de-deconstructed fireplace?

  7. Posted by eddy

    This was a great buy back in 2011. Sold under asking and closed after 77 days on the market. That apple would close much higher today and much faster. I like the remodel but question the pricing. Low ceiling being the deal breaker. Not sure if the owner / developer looked at expanding the space at all. Original listing said there was potential in the basement. It seems clear that we’re firmly establishing north side d7 w/ view comps into the $2k psf territory. If this sells north of 2k psf it will dramatically change my perspective. Good luck to all.

  8. Posted by redseca2

    Our cats would certainly appreciate what must be the most expensive kitty water bowl ever in the Solarium, not to mention walls that are 100% scratching post.

  9. Posted by Bizarre

    This house is bizarre. Finding the one or two folks in San Francisco or maybe even California will be a predicted struggle. Black for the exterior is a perfect color.

  10. Posted by emanon

    Here’s one “folk” in Oakland who (for reasons I can’t understand) really likes this house. It’s not my style at all, but if I had a few million to spend (and could convince myself to move to SF), I’d consider it.

  11. Posted by Robert R

    Can this be more overpriced? I’d like to meet any serious buyers, so I can rip them off as well

  12. Posted by eddy

    Seems they did excavate the basement per the wsj article on this home. As well as 4x the quoted price of renovations in SF. Welcome to the Bay Area. Surprised this information would be posted. I’m sure the guy would take cost + build and just wash his hands of it.

  13. Posted by Denis

    I bet the current asking is cost + build… plus maybe realtor’s fees. I’m not really familiar with GGD construction, but with all these exotic finishes, it would’ve been easy to have spent 5 million. An out of state owner isn’t going to have the cost controls a professional developer would have.
    Didn’t the house across the street sell for 8 something? There are comps to justify the price, but I’m not convinced this is a 10+ million home.

  14. Posted by soccermom

    Early-draft marketing collateral for the property:
    “The kitchen island projects a BBoy stance into the living room.”
    “I just got back from D7, and boy do they take their kitchen work triangles seriously.”
    “I loved the floor so much I decided to continue the wood onto my cabinets and kitchen island. My parkour is really improving.”
    “Speaking of dope features, the faux limestone continues into the garage. You know, so you can park your Cadillac on the Tadelakt(!!!)”
    “The owner had spent time, make that _done_ time at a Solano County correctional facility, and he wanted bathroom that reflected the austerity of that memory. Plus an ikea sink.”
    “What, nobody mentions that the fireplace runs only on a bowl of moss?”
    “It looks like someone is going to get their hammams coated on this one, for sure.”

  15. Posted by Michael

    “…per the wsj article on this home…4x the quoted price of renovations…Surprised this information would be posted.”
    I’m not surprised, would bet it was very intentionally included to justify the price. Some nice details but not an $11m place. If it sells, expect a naive or out of town buyer represented by an agent more concerned with commission than anything else.

  16. Posted by Lori

    That island is going to make my OCD go into overdrive. The first thing I would do is straighten it. Love the atrium, actually, and the views are beautiful. Also love the doors that open all the way leading into the yard. Bedrooms look too sparse — nothing looks cozy and inviting about them.
    Secretly, I want to stain all that wood darker.
    And what in god’s name did they do to that poor fireplace. That’s a travesty.

  17. Posted by exposed-wood-h8r

    agree on ridiculous pricing. if 666 is the sign of the apocalypse, then the address is very appropriate.
    another slogan: “if you want to (2) have a personal financial apocalypse, just buy 2-666!”

  18. Posted by Just Lookin

    One word: Yuck!
    I would want to start all over and you cannot do that given the price point.

  19. Posted by conifer

    This price is probably no more crazy that the $14m spent on the house on Jackson between Walnut and Laurel.
    There are just enough people with excess money to sell an overpriced odd house or two every month.
    Do not worry. It just brings up the average price in Pac & Pres Hts.

  20. Posted by Toady

    William Wurster houses often had exposed wood in interiors, so you could say that this remodel is faithful to the original.
    Actually I like it – but then I’m happy when I don’t see yet another meh Victorian.

  21. Posted by curmudgeon

    The backstory of a non-resident internet investor buying this and then putting millions into renovation because his daughter was going to go to school here, then turning around and selling because his daughter’s plans have changed. Well…it just makes me want to barf. Particularly because it was probably very architecturally interesting BEFORE the gutting.

  22. Posted by lol

    The “before” pictures appear to still be available in Trulia:
    I think it’s much more interesting in its current form.

  23. Posted by rocco

    @Momonthego: The amount of exposed wood was actually reduced in the renovation– the solarium was entirely in horizontal bleached fir.
    Having been in this and a number of Wurster houses, it’s hard to convey in photos how beautifully proportioned the rooms are. And yes, they’re plain. The out-of-date original layout was suited to a small family with a live-in servant, but the new finishes are far more luxe than Wurster would ever have chosen.

  24. Posted by curmudgeon

    lol…thanks for the link. You’re welcome to call me old fashioned, but I love the original. It’s certainly less “look at me” wow, but much more refined and comfortable in my opinion.

  25. Posted by BobN

    (for reasons I can’t understand)
    I sort of have the opposite reaction. In theory, I should love it, but I don’t.
    In the pursuit of self-discovery, you might consider buying a large shipping crate, just to see if you really enjoy it from the inside. I think the effect would be similar.

  26. Posted by apropos

    Thanks for the before link, lol. I have to say, I agree with curmudgeon, before is much better than after.

  27. Posted by steve

    although I like the after, I’ll take the before and a bonus $6M for the win. the original is so elegant.
    thanks for the link, lol

  28. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: Floor plans for the property have been added above.

  29. Posted by emanon

    Bob, if the “large shipping crate” included a solarium and wrap around windows with views of the bay, then yes, I’d consider it.

  30. Posted by inmycounty

    In the original construction, cira 1937, the solarium was an open air deck that overlooked the garden.
    This remodel is disapointing in just about every way. What a waste of a once elegant house. Not that it didn’t need some reworking…just not this trendy garbage.

  31. Posted by Gunther Verheuven

    Hey funboyz, Achtung!, this here is Gunther.
    I just sold my vater’s Baden Baden chocolate factory to a Amerikan private venture equity firm and now am ready to mitmachen in this exklusiv neighborhood in your here Amerika Sankt Franzisko!
    Ja ha! Ja ha!
    Ich have millionen and this haus ist fantastisch fur meine kleine excurzions into your, how you say it korrekt, “neck of the woods”, ja?
    Haus, ist great – I love the way rooms flow and reicht room to make good party! Views are geil for weine sipping and a little aktion with mein new partners. The island ist nicht in Ordnung but if du bist high then it looks in Ordnung – then just be more high more the time! Kein Problem!
    Floors are from Vaterland so make me feel gemutlich and sinks are easily accessable in case I need to releive meinself after long evenings of feiern in Marina Distrikt, ja?
    Concrete wall paneling reminds mich of OstBerlin – Before the Mauer fell, ja? Very traditional!
    Haus – one wort – Ich liebe dich!
    Only fear is that I furchte the garage may not have enough lebensraum fur meine kleines pair of AMGsSLS though. Nevernonetheless, Ich bin in SFrisco only for few weekz a jahr so this problem ist relativ klein – maybe Ich parke instead in haus of my girlfriend Ich meet in the Balboa Cafe, oh yes, the fireplace is also make me feel uncomfortable but that’s for reasons that are entirely, how you speak, historisch.

  32. Posted by Debtpocalypse

    Das war freaking hysterical.
    I like the house.
    I like my money more.

  33. Posted by wheelchairgirl

    I’ve lived in Morocco, albeit many years ago, and I’ve never seen or heard of this stuff. Considering Morocco’s also known for fabulous tile work, I can’t imagine why any sensible Moroccan with the money to choose better would use dull grayish waterproof plaster in a bathroom.
    But what really kills me is all that money spent on the interior and the exterior features a rusty old gutter.

  34. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    That’s copper, not rust.

  35. Posted by Tyler

    What is the room just below the media room?

  36. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 2666 Broadway has just been reduced by $1,000,000 (9%), now asking $10,250,000.

  37. Posted by momonthego

    does anyone have the link to the original wsj article handy? i couldn’t find it.

  38. Posted by Gur

    I recently had a 60s era fireplace in a cheap addition torn down. The resulting pile of bricks and firebox looked remarkably like this finished work.
    In reading the notes, they were very faithful to restoring items to the original design, like the windows. and all of the mechanical systems were upgraded. The views and many of the rooms will appeal to the right buyer — however some choices are so unique they tend to dominate our attention.

  39. Posted by SocketSite

    After 257 days on the market and a million dollar reduction, the listing for 2666 Broadway has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

  40. Posted by Denis

    This sold for 8.65… 23% under original asking. Not great for the seller. Wanna bet it’ll be gutted within 6 months?

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