The Millennium Tower at 301 Mission Street wasn’t built with any fireplaces in place, but that didn’t stop the buyer of 301 Mission Street #48B from adding one.

Purchased as new for $2,400,000 in February of 2010, the 1,664 square foot Grand Residence on the 48th floor was more or less gutted and rebuilt over the course of a year.


In addition to the new alcohol burning fireplace surrounded by Bamboo granite, the second bedroom was reconfigured as a library with pocket doors to the living room and built-in Macassar Ebony cabinetry, behind which an electronically controlled Murphy bed is hidden.


The bathrooms now feature Equator Marble, Pierre Brun limestone and the Global glass wall tiles above. And while not yet officially listed, the corner unit with 11-foot, six-inch windows and some rather spectacular views of the city, bridge and Bay Lights is about to hit the market asking $4,500,000, just over $2,700 per square foot.

301 Mission Street #48B view

Full Disclosure: The listing agent for 301 Mission Street #48B advertises on SocketSite and provided a preview tour of the property but no compensation for this post.

19 thoughts on “There’s Now A Fireplace On The 48th Floor”
  1. I wonder if they were able to route that fireplace’s exhaust port without interfering with the clean lines of the curtain wall facade.
    If it were my remodel of a unit that didn’t allow a real fireplace then I’d rather go for just a flatscreen TV playing back a recording of a real fire complete with the crackling and crunching sound. That’s not authentic either but at least it looks and sounds like a real fire. Plus you could play cartoons on it to entertain toddlers on the floor when not “burning a fire”.
    Nice looking high end remodel though not sure that they have successfully crammed $2M of extra value into this unit.
    [Editor’s Note: No exhaust port needed nor installed.]

  2. A really well executed remodel. However I think that the living and dining areas for a unit at this price point lacks any sense of grandeur and is grossly undersized. You can basically accomodate no more than six people for a formal sit down dinner. There are a lot better options in this price range. It would make a great second home!

  3. “[Editor’s Note: No exhaust port needed nor installed.]”
    That’s pretty amazing. I would have guessed that the amount of CO2 produced would be an issue.
    It is the same situation with a gas range and oven. If you don’t turn the vent hood on then the byproducts of CO2 and water vapor are dumped into the air of the apartment.

  4. I’m by no means an expert on the matter, but I understand that if you install a natural gas log burner in a fireplace, SF requires the same ventilation standards as for wood-burning. Why is an alcohol based burner different?
    p.s. outstanding looking place, yeah GL is really on a roll this week.

  5. Wow. But at $2,700 a square foot seems a bit steep even for The Millennium. I bet this was a 800K-$1 million remodel so they may be into the place $3-3.4 million.

  6. probably an alcohol gel fireplace. gas fireplaces without venting (or venting into the room) are made but are illegal in California.

  7. “Why is an alcohol based burner different?”
    Two things come to mind. Alcohol might burn slower, releasing CO2 at a slower rate. And most importantly the reservoir of alcohol is limited. If you fall asleep with the fireplace on it will eventually burn out, putting an upper limit of CO2 that can be released. A gas fired fireplace on the other hand could burn all night.
    I’m not usually a fan of high end bathrooms but the design of these bathrooms is really sharp. And the materials chosen in the baths and kitchen work well together. Actually everything seems to be in agreement. All around a really sharp design job here.

  8. Almost perfect, and I think the size is just right. If you want to host a 200 person charity ball, you can find another place.

  9. From the EcoSmart website:
    Bioethanol is completely composed of biological products. The combustion of bio ethanol results in a clean emission: Heat, Steam and Carbon Dioxide.
    Carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants. It is then processed via photosynthesis to help the plant grow. This infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy makes bio ethanol a carbon neutral fuel source.
    It’s great that CO2 is absorbed by plants, but doesn’t it become a problem at some point indoors?

  10. “It’s great that CO2 is absorbed by plants, but doesn’t it become a problem at some point indoors?”
    It is probably not a big deal if there are no plants to absorb the CO2 because the fireplace doesn’t generate enough to be a problem. Humans and all living organisms for that matter generate CO2 as well. Ordinary air-exchange of the apartment is enough to keep the CO2 from building up.
    BTW, the “bio” part of bio-ethanol is just marketing gimmickry. All ethanol comes from biological sources.

  11. Note also that there is a recommended MINIMUM volume for operation (I believe this is to address the CO2 concentration issue):
    EcoSmart™ Fires cannot be installed into bathrooms or rooms that are less than 70m3 [2472ft3] per burner.
    Planika is another vendor of ethanol burners; from what I can tell, they cost less than the EcoSmart line. It’s mid-winter, and after staring too long at my electric fireplace, I yearn for these bioburners. Maybe I should sober up and do a cost per BTU calculation.

  12. I think the fireplace fumes are causing brain damage. $2700 psf is too much for this place. Might as well buy 1RH or Infinity and get twice the square footage.

  13. curious what folks think about the value added to this place by the fireplace. wonder what the ROI is on an investment like that

  14. “Almost perfect, and I think the size is just right. If you want to host a 200 person charity ball, you can find another place.”
    Is it unreasonable to expect to be able to accomodate more than two couples for dinner at your 4.5MM dollar pad? I wouldn’t think so…

  15. The ethanol/alcohol “fireplaces” actually throw off less toxins and particulates than standard paraffin candles and in most cases do not require venting.
    That said, I don’t much like it, but that’s just personal taste. The rest of the renovation’s pretty swell.
    As for the apartment’s capacity for dinner guests, the building has a beautiful private dining room downstairs for twelve (in addition to the owner’s private restaurant) with food and drink by RN74– a much more graceful solution than trying to serve eight people from your condo’s open kitchen.

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