As proposed, the existing two and one-half story building occupied by Olivet Theological University at 250 Fourth Street between Howard and Folsom will be razed and an 11-story hotel with 220 guest rooms over a ground floor restaurant (and/or retail) will rise. The hotel would be “locally owned, but affiliated with an international hotel chain.”
While the plan calls for a passenger loading zone, no on-site parking would be provided other than for ten bikes within the basement for employees and visitors. The visitor bicycle parking would be “valet assisted.”
The design, finishes and timing for the proposed hotel at 250 Fourth Street:

The building’s ground-floor cement plaster façade would include glass, stone clad columns, and stainless steel-clad door frames with translucent glass canopies and signage above the entries to the hotel and restaurant/retail.
Each floor above the ground level would include windows with Kynar-finished metal sunscreens and Kynar-finished metal trim and panels. The roof deck would be enclosed by vision glass units and Kynar-finished metal trim fronting on Fourth Street.
Assuming approvals, the demolition of 250 Fourth Street would commence in July of 2013 and the finished building would be ready for occupancy by the end of 2014.
And for those who might be wondering, as were we, Kynar is a resin coating for aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminized steel which is “available in a rainbow of textures, sheens and colors, including metallics and pearlescents.”

6 thoughts on “A Kynar, Gentler Eleven-Story Hotel Proposed To Rise On Fourth”
  1. Good location for a hotel. That block is a bit cursed, since it’s basically the back door of the convention center. Isn’t this the site that once housed the Photography museum?

  2. That would be a good addition to the block and 4th and Folsom intersection. Folsom between 4th and 5th is coming alive with new businesses. This would help bridge the distance between there and Moscone. The entire convention center should have a plan to better engage the neighborhood. It’s a huge dead space on 4th, Folsom and 3rd.

  3. Kynar is hardly a feature as it seems to be described above. It is simply a high performance paint for exterior metals. It is used on the vast majority of projects today, in lieu of anodizing, which has much less consistency. Think AT&T building on 2nd and Folsom. While it does come in many colors, most try to mimic anodized finishes. Most people could never tell the difference.

  4. And it will be extremely close to the Moscone Station which will whisk hotel guests to the Bayview in no time.
    Seriously though, expect more in-fill construction along 4th St. as the subway nears completion.

  5. the ignorance of SS commenters never ceases to amaze. this “back door” YBC/SOMA block is actually home to over 1000 senior citizens living in the 5 senior residences located on it. plus a lot of small businesses – and a pot club. there is a lot going on, you just don’t know.
    and actually, small hotels make pretty good neighbors. a lot better than the hip but ingrown and self-isolated techie offices nearby.

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