While all eyes might be on, or perhaps trying to avoid, the naked protest planed for today’s Board of Supervisors meeting should the Board finalize the adoption of San Francisco’s new public nudity prohibition, the ten-year lease of the City’s Marina Degaussing Station down at the Marina Green is on the Board’s agenda as well.
Marina Degaussing Station Renovation Rendering
The proposed lease for the 1,170 square foot Station, which the Woodhouse Fish Co. crew plans to turn into a seafood shack with both covered and uncovered seating, would run through 2022 with two potential five-year extensions.
Marina Degaussing Station Renovation Rendering
Built by the United States Navy in 1943, ownership of the Marina Degaussing Station was transferred to the City in the 1980’s and the station has sat vacant ever since. The renovation of the building will likely cost Woodhouse around $650,000 with an estimated effective rent to the City, including a percentage of revenue, of over $100,000 per year.
The renovation is expected to commence within four months of a lease being signed. And per the terms of the agreement, the restaurant would be required to serve “affordably priced and fresh food featuring seasonal and sustainable ingredients using organic products when possible” with minimum hours of operation between 11am and 7pm.
Assuming approvals and permits, the restaurant’s opening is slated for summer 2013.
Opposing the project, however, the Marina Civic Improvement & Property Owners Association has delivered 201 signatures to the Board and is not only requesting that the lease be denied, but that the Station be demolished as well. And they’re not the only neighborhood group nor neighbor that’s opposed to the 75 seat operation:

Has anyone thought of the nuisance value this type of operation will bring? And what about the number of people it benefits? A very small number compared to the people who it will affect. The residents on Marina Blvd will have to live with this nightmare of noise, bright lights and litter 7 days a week!

No word on whether the above Marina resident is equally concerned about “the nuisance value” of the proposed 17,500 seat Warriors arena, but we wouldn’t be surprised if not.
Proposed Lease Terms for the Marina Degaussing Station []
San Francisco’s Public Nudity Prohibition []

31 thoughts on “From Defunct To Potentially Delicious (Or Demolished?) In 2013”
  1. Sounds good to me. From a design standpoint however, it would be nice if that trellis did not wrap all the way around the building, so as not to obscure the original building’s roof line. It’s more of my personal opinion than a real problem.

  2. Agree with Adam. Would be nice if more of the original structure were visible from the outside.
    I’m all for this idea. Save a historic (?) property and bring in what appears to be a popular restaurant.
    A profit sharing clause in the lease is a great way to ensure the City receives a good return in addition to the lease. I wonder if there are any bumps/increases in the lease. I hope at least CPI bumps are included.

  3. I agree with the others about the positive nature of Woodhouse Fish Company taking over the space.
    Looking closely, are those clear glass panels perhaps to block the wind?
    While the site has lovely views on many days it is foggy and windy, so perhaps the trellis-wrap is the best compromise to gain comfortable heated outdoor space.

  4. Yes, please! This would be a very nice addition for the Marina Green. I can’t understand what the opposition is here – you’re talking about a small seafood shack in an area that has potential to host thousands (AC, Blue Angels).
    Oh, and I had to look up what “degaussing” means. An interesting read about WWII mines and a ship’s magnetic field.


  6. Better would be if the covered seating area were put in the present parking lot, so that the old building would not be obscured; this blocks less of the shoreline as well.
    Best would be to remove the whole thing and recover a contiguous view of the shoreline….

  7. Let’s do it! I just don’t understand the opposition. I live in Cow Hollow and walk along Crissy often and would love a change from the Warming Hut when I need a quick bite. A smart idea and if I have to sign anything to keep it alive while those irritating Marina folk are fussing around I will do it.

  8. La Terrasse (R.I.P.) in the Presidio needed to have a glass surround to block the wind. I assume that they should plan to have the same thing. I am all for more outdoor cafe’s in SF. Paris has hundreds and their weather sucks – to put it bluntly.

  9. Totally in favor. Residents are being ridiculous here. The impact from the people playing on the soccer fields is > than this restaurant for sure.
    Also, isn’t this located in the lot that’s way behind the field, and thus far from residents? Jeez, c’mon.
    I assume if residents are not in favor of this then they are also not in favor of the America’s Cup coming into town.

  10. This is great. The Woodhouse people run a great restaurant. Why should the 201 people from the marina be able to kill a project. I’ll bet there are 2,000 people in the city who would support this.

  11. I don’t know if I’m more flabbergasted at the $650K budget or the fact that the building has sat there empty for 30 years.

  12. WTF? Why would anyone be opposed? The clientele would be a tiny fraction of the thousands who frequent the Marina Green on a daily basis, preserve an historic resource, and provide a teaching opportunity regarding sustainable seafood. Woodhouse is a stellar, responsible, organization. Are these the Telegraph Hill Dwellers evil Marina cousins?

  13. So, they want to put a RESTAURANT in a park? Did they consider that this will attract a ton of additional new seagulls and pigeons in addition to the ones that are already there?
    Did they consider that the Marina Green usually has high winds that will not only blow napkins all over the parking lot, but quickly cool down any hot food served to patrons outside?
    Did they consider that patrons will basically be eating out in a big parking lot?
    Did they ask the locals (like me) if we even want a restaurant here?
    As a Marina local that lives a block away, I like the park AS IS – someplace I can go, sit, reflect and take in the view. The last thing I want is yet another stupid tourist-magnet that destroys the livability of the neighborhood for locals.
    Please kill this idea.

  14. “high winds” “a big parking lot”
    “someplace I can go, sit, reflect and take in the view”
    You can’t have it both ways Nimby Gregg.

  15. “… destroys the livability of the neighborhood …”
    Well if that is the case then by all means this project must be stopped.

  16. Gregg, I’m guessing you weren’t (or wouldn’t have been if you were a local then) so “AS IS” back when there was a Burger King right down the street.

  17. So NIMBY Gregg: bet if you asked locals they’d be in favor 10 to one. Why don’t you hang out with a clipboard on Chestnut street and take a poll?
    But watch out for flying napkins…there’s lots of restaurants on that street…

  18. PEOPLE get a clue – this is the new “fisherman’s wharf”! Preserve our city’s open space. One fish shack will bring another! Go elsewhere if you want a beer and view of the bay!… They are right around the corner! This isn’t just a Marina resident issue — it’s commercializing our waterfront. Good luck seeing any bay view from the Marina Green in the future! You will have to buy a meal to see it. The green will turn into a parking lot!

  19. If you’re concerned about the view across Marina Green to the Bay then you may want to take a look at it now. It is already a parking lot.
    Seems like kind of a waste of a prime viewpoint to store cars there. Maybe some day the city will have the funds to move the parking underground.

  20. Please sign our PETITION on to oppose this horrible idea.
    Restaurants are for Chestnut and Union Street.
    Make it a soccer clubhouse, or tear it down.
    We don’t need Pier 39 on Marina Green.

  21. Went to to oppose this project. Thanks! I’m all for putting parking underground! Once buildings go up – we won’t see anything except cars and buildings covered with seagulls and infestation of wharf rats! Who in the heck thought of this lame brain idea? Recall him!

  22. One more thought! Cut out the booze! Way too close to the open field! There are hundreds of children who play on these fields — one boozed up patron running over a kid, (or runner, or bike rider), can’t wait for the deep pockets law suits with the Restaurant owners, City & County of SF —- your taxes going to great use! Stop this project!!!!

  23. ^ exactly. Imagine the end of the soccer games where you can have the team around a large table right next door. No need to schlep everyone to another venue. There’s limited seating though…

  24. Agreed. And I support the project. Not sure what the if there is an emoticon for sarcasm, but it should have been included in my prior post.

  25. Mayor Ed Lee came out solidly against this project on Ron Owens show on 810AM this week. He feels some areas of open space are off limits, he wants to leave Fisherman’s Wharf where it is, and would likely veto this if it crosses his desk.
    Let’s kill this project.
    Wreck & Park should stay out of the land development business. They want revenue, and will do anything to get it, including ruining our parks.

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