169 Yukon: Before And After
The resale of 169 Yukon Street isn’t going to be “apples-to-apples” but rather sweat equity in action as the property’s parking pad has been extended, fifty-five feet of new foundation has been poured, and the interior has been reconfigured and remodeled since the little Eureka Valley cottage was purchased for $519,000 in need of work last year.
169 Yukon Kitchen 2012
As a reader who had the cottage in contract notes, the sale of the 630 square foot single-family home is pending having been listed for $699,000. As the kitchen looked before:

169 Yukon Kitchen 2011
Into Contract After Four One Month On The Market For 169 Yukon? [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “Sweat Equity In Action For A 630 Square Foot Single-Family Home”
  1. I wish more places like this were surviving instead of being torn down to make way for RH-2 dreams, though this one is a little too “Santa’s Village” for me.

  2. I had a contract on this house 2.5 yrs ago. Sweet liitle cottage on private, almost country-like street at the base of Kite Hill. Alas, it didn’t work out. The inspection showed that dirt had been piled up against the foundation from the next house, so a retaining wall/perimeter wall was needed as well as sill plate damage and subfloor rot in bathroom. I’m so glad that the owner decided to rehab this place and not tear it down! The nicest elderly woman who was selling it said it was her desire that a nice family live there just as she raised her kids there; whoever buys this place will have her as the sweetest best neighbor ever. SF needs more of these houses saved; it keeps it grounded as a reminder of when not only rich people lived here 🙂

  3. @Bayview that little old lady that lived at 175 Yukon? She passed away and 175 was for sale last year. Looked like it was a big mess too.

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